Will's life has been dictated by what people think he is, what they want him to be. You are this, you are that. You are Other. You Are What I Make Of You. And Hannibal did that as well, he said Will was ungrateful, denying him. "I gave you a rare gift, but you didn't want it."
So Will bites back, "Didn't I?" Because Hannibal is just like the rest. Hannibal saw a thread and tugged. He lied, he manipulated. Hannibal is normal, uninteresting, common just like the rest. He reacts just like any animal does when he is cornered. That insult saved Will's life.
When they are on the cliffs, Wills calls him, it, everything, beautiful. It is temporary free will. It is gratitude, for Hannibal showing him where the thread led. For resigning himself to his commonness and allowing Will the option to be what he wants, and choose what he wants.
Will is not What You Make Of Me, but What I Make Of Myself.
I hope this thread makes sense fdjskf I was having Thoughts and those are dangerous but I wanted to talk about how Will uses Hannibal's common mistakes against him because Hannibal was just as curious as everyone else and treated him just like everyone else did.
But he made the mistake of letting Will close enough to weaponize it. So when he called Will ungrateful, disrespectful, tried to hurt him, Will was able to ask, "What did you expect?"
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