Look, if voting this fucker out means we need to take a chance and stand on line & vote then that's what we need to do. Remember Wisconsin???? They stood on line & voted in their Primary & to flip that Supreme Court Seat. Remember the Kentucky Primary? They did the same. https://twitter.com/Ange_Amene/status/1294071070731825154
Remember in the Georgia primary, in ATL & the predominantly Black communities where they cut out some of the polling location. Shit, people were out there with their lawn chairs on lines. Remember in Texas during their Primary? Same thing. They stood on those lines.
So guess what? We need to do the same. Vote Early & Vote in Person or if you are going to get the mail in ballots, request them now. Don't mail them back. Find out where you can drop of your ballots in your districts & drop them off early.
We need to get Trump out of office. That's it. He needs to go. So be prepared to do what it takes. And if he tries to steal it in the end, be prepared to stay in the streets. That's it. Vote. Don't fuck up like we did in 2016. This is our last chance to save this country.
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