😇: How do you feel about being on the rise and even being able to appear on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook?

#RICKY: Recently, it really feels like we get to dream again!

😇: TEENTOP’s visual ranking is?

#NIEL: Niel is 1st. Next, Changjo is 2nd~ And the other two are in the last place. I’ll put Chunji hyung who went to serve the military last!

😇: How would it be like if you could appear on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook with Chunji?

C.A.P: I think it’ll be the same even if Chunji is here. But we are happier to be here in his place

😇: I’m curious if there’s a fan who left a deep impression

#CHANGJO: When we were performing overseas, there were fans who threw their underwear so I remember being flustered because of that!

😇: I am curious about the hierarchy ranking of the TEEN TOP members in the team

#RICKY: 1st place is Jonghyun- Changjo! 2nd place is C.A.P, 3rd place is Niel, 4th place is Chunji and 5th place is Ricky...

😇: TEEN TOP said not to spray perfume so nuna doesn’t spray perfume. Do the TEEN TOP members spray perfume?

#NIEL: Of course we do~

😇: What should I do to be able to maintain my looks just like TEEN TOP?

C.A.P: We aren’t doing anything

😇: I am curious about the members’ favourite Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavour

#CHANGJO: All the members love Mint Chocolate

😇: Who is the most foolish member?

#RICKY: Uh... C.A.P!

😇: Yoo Jaesuk really adores TEEN TOP, what is Yoo Jaesuk to TEEN TOP?

#NIEL: He’s a savior who leads us to changing the world again

😇: Please let us know your ideal type in detail

C.A.P: I like big-hearted people

😇: Changjo who received a lot of DMs asking you to marry them! Do you have plans to select your bride through an application review and interview?

#CHANGJO: Yes! Please bring your application form to Samsungdong... TOP-
#NIEL: You’re telling them to come to TOP Media?

😇: Who is the cutest member?

#RICKY: Niel hyung!

😇: Niel, will you go out with me? I created an Instagram account just to ask this. I am being serious.

#NIEL: How old are you?

😇: I am curious of the most touching moment for you while promoting as an idol

C.A.P: Most touching moment? It’s always touching when I leave the stage after performing.

😇: In Miss Right’s choreography, does the hand shaking part means to cut ties?

#CHANGJO: The meaning of the hand shake in Miss Right’s choreography is that the hand is numb

*손절 means to cut ties and 손 저려 means that the hand is numb but it sounds similar
😇: Please tell a TMI for today

#RICKY: I ate two servings of Tonkatsu and Stir-fried Pork with Rice. I should eat one more serving though...

😇: Niel, did the thickness of your lips reduce?

#NIEL: No, it got thicker!

😇: Are you living well while staying healthy?

C.A.P: Yes, I am living well while staying healthy!

😇: Oppas don’t age, what do you eat instead of aging?

#CHANGJO: Nutritional supplement, vitamin, magnesium, the fans’ love. You guys are my nutritional supplement~

#NIEL: Oooh whaaaaat~~~~

Their voices were unclear at some parts but I tried my best to translate~!! 😆💜
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