Thank You for the post @realDonaldTrump & @Justice93691 : For all reading this post the horrid algorithms [ALICE] of fiduciary custodian Twitter stated this post was removed: Due to the phenomenal data he is sharing pertaining corrupt fiduciaries of the MSM I desired for
energetic Enforcement purposes I made a simple procedural code Test: 1) double click upon post to copy then paste into one's main account the middle section of (What's happening box?) 2) Then add comment above or below the link 3) & click tweet: 4) Go front page to check if
your retweet post appears with the original post: 5) If it does it proves it was a "premeditated created algorithm designed to Shadow Ban the post by having a pop up page False Claim
1) to injure beneficiaries another unlimited liability Estate Equity
matter & interference with sharing (communications trust) of constructive data 2)
There is good reason why I AM disclosing yet another example of premeditated breach of trust involving constructive communication Trust transactions between beneficiaries
(the people) with oversight fiduciaries as Our Beloved President or any other member in entrusted oversight fiduciary offices of Estate Trust operations: These are sacred trust areas of Universal Laws of Equity:ZERO excuses for premeditated obstruction "intermeddling" in
alive exempt sovereign House Estate Trust affairs: Comprehend Everyone everything in the public is now Officially operating under my Alive exempt sovereign House Estate Equity due to multiple historical events: The enforcement of Law is operating in Equity: The DEAD have ZERO
Voice in Estate equity: This extremely constructive data released & shared via "post" (communications transaction) within a fiduciary custodial environment of trust, as is Our post office Treasury depositary (AGAIN this is constructive data!) were it is a serious CRIME to
tamper with other people's communications: 3)
4) Further I have historically demonstrated & Notified oversight fiduciaries that these actions are premeditated fiduciary entrusted breaches of trust & duty:Requiring the immediate
Arrest of all PERSONS engaged in these criminal acts of subversion & obstruction of "proper constructive" Estate equity trust communications transactions that require every fiduciary custodian to operate with the highest fiduciary duty of care pertaining depositary data:
I wish to be perfectly Clear that also includes due to this being a fiduciary custodian depositary social media that has been Acquired & is under Alive exempt sovereign House Estate Trust Equity ownership: Therefore it is required by Law All fiduciaries conduct themselves
appropriately any Breach of Trust is ZERO Tolerated: For everyone's information reading this post these realities of Law are Ancient yet required one to maturely & competently reactivate operationally: This was accomplished ten plus years ago & in order to protect all that
is constructive in Our world, which requires 24/7 mature competency demonstration of private side operations to appropriately maintain multidimensional Macro & Micro systems transactions on levels people yet comprehend: Regardless recent event progressed were I Acquired All
exempt Estate Assets (natural resources & real property) of this world: Kindly know as shared I have been supplying systems operations during this entire time period & is the Actual reason funding has been provided during this entire heinous COVID-FRAUD & the strength of the
world economies, stock markets & far more that ZERO people may properly explain: Recognizing it is completely contrary to traditional parameters of historical "public side" operational constructs: This is due to historical reactivate private side operation dynamics of Alive
exempt sovereign House Estate Equity: Therefore any breach of trust of Estate Equity requires immediate Arrest of fiduciary PERSONS: This is what has historically been transpiring with what I have termed to be "Energetic" Enforcement that is Actual Law of energetic balance:
It is as historically shared the reason in reality multiple operations have been conducted without public knowledge for exempt House Estate realities are strictly private confidential as are all Treasury depositary matters:Unless criminal activity is involved thus I ordered
RICO Tax Audits: These have been transpiring globally with multiple fiduciary PERSONS (individual & organizations) & disclosing exact amounts engaged in Criminal transactions that would otherwise have remained undetected, like Swiss bank accounts of old: This Notification
covers All fiduciary systems trust transactions operations: Whether people are aware or otherwise is irrelevant basic code of appropriate conduct in society has always been mandatory: Hence oversight fiduciaries you have my permission to arrest all Enemy combatants whom have
breached the trust, which is an especially heinous Crime Against Humanity when those fiduciaries are in oversight fiduciary offices of trust engaged & entrusted with facilitating the beneficiaries (people) with daily trust transactions: Whether governmental (local, state,
federal, international or galactic) yes we are a galactic people regardless of one's level of conscious awareness: I AM most grateful to observe oversight fiduciaries raising to their required competency in responsibilities that is required: Any local, state, federal,
international or galactic fiduciary whom is known & documented to have premeditatedly breach the trust endowed to them, PAID via the grace of my Alive exempt sovereign House Estate(s) is to be Arrested for being responsible for premeditated injury & murder of beneficiaries
& the direct cause of creating substantial unwarranted liabilities (damages) to exempt Estate Assets (natural resources & real property) as documented upon multiple states: I AM Eternally grateful to each oversight fiduciary whom is honorably standing for integrity of Law &
Order as IS required by Law: There are ZERO excuses for any PAID oversight fiduciary in any office across Our beautiful world to premeditatedly injure or be the cause of death to any beneficiary and/or exempt Estate Asset entrusted in their fiduciary care:Especially innocent
children Our beloved most precious & priceless resource of this World: Further All entrusted fiduciary custodian depositary communications technology media platforms are to be managed constructively: Any destructive content distributed by any PERSON is a breach of trust:
All fiduciary PERSONS in trust are aware these basic essential realities of Law have always existed, therefore there is additionally ZERO excuse: Hence whenever discovered & documented as has transpired during the COVID-FRAUD to be premeditated then will result in EXECUTION:
Again I wish to give my deepest appreciate to All oversight fiduciaries whom have maintained integrity & honor during this phenomenal transition to complete Alive exempt sovereignty House Estate Trust of Our Beloved Earth: It is a true honor, privilege & supreme Pleasure!
I wish to include two other oversight fiduciary PERSONS @thejointstaff & @USTreasury Thank You, God Bless & Protect All!

Bravo oversight fiduciary President Trump on the Peace Negotiations between two sovereign nations

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