My friend @billbarnwell asked me yesterday if Patriot Place could handle an AFC East bubble. I think I've got it all figured out.
The Patriots would stay at the Renaissance. The Dolphins could stay at the Hilton Garden Inn. The Bills could stay at the Home 2 Suites down the street. The Jets would have to split up between the Red Fox Motel, Gaard Motel, America's Best Value Inn and Walpole Motel.
The Patriots could practice on their normal practice field. The Dolphins could take the lower field. The Bills could practice in the stadium. The Jets could use the cranberry bogs behind Bass Pro Shops.
I'm sure the Patriots, Dolphins and Bills could all split time in the Gillette Stadium weight room with proper cleaning time between workouts. There's a gym south of Gillette Stadium where only half of the equipment is rusted that the Jets could use after it closes and is cleaned
The Patriots could use their normal locker room. The Dolphins could take the visitors' locker room. The Bills could use the Rev's locker room. There's an equipment shed that connects to the stadium through a second-level bridge that the Jets could use.
I'm not seeing any major flaws in this proposed plan, but I'm open to suggestions.
As far as dining goes, and to not overwork staff, the Patriots could continue to get in-house catering. Skipjacks could provide food for the Dolphins. Davio's could cater the Bills. The Jets can participate in Moe's Mondays and pick up assorted snacks from the Gulf up Route 1.
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