Okay. Trump n' co want to force in person voting during an effing PANDEMIC. We're 82 days out. The time to start preparing for this sh*t-show NOW.
I have no experience coordinating these kinds of things, but I'm betting some of you do (or know someone who is great at it). Please feel free to take these ideas and run with them!

Here's what I think we'll need so far:
1. A central, safe, and trustworthy way for people to donate supplies and/or $$.
2. Methods of helping people get to and from their polling places.
3. Ways to help people stay comfortable during loooooooong waits in line-- maybe lightweight portable chairs, umbrellas for providing shade, access to water and snacks. (And a way to clean/santize reusable stuff between uses)
4. A way for someone to temporarily leave the line without worrying about losing their place in it—like if someone has to use the bathroom. Maybe have someone there to stand in for them until they get back?
5. Publicity so that voters know this stuff is/will be available to them.
For MAIL IN/ABSENTEE ballotting, so much is being done to dismantle and undermine USPS that the best way to make sure ballots are counted is to drop them off at official (and protected!) ballot boxes or election offices.
Given the times we're in and the level of shenaniganry bound to be afoot, we need to expect that very few people will feel safe simply handing their ballots over to someone else to be dropped off.

Maybe coordinate rides to and from ballot drop-off locations? I don't know.
Feel free to add to this thread or tag people who might know how to help organize stuff like this!
Oops! I should have tagged these. Um. Let's do this: #TrumpPence2020 #2020Election #BidenHarris2020 #Voting #VoteByMail #VoteByOct22 #SaveTheUSPS
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