Sim City except crime rates are controlled by education, hospital coverage, basic utilities, proximity to parks etc and if you do build more police stations crime rates are unaffected but your city budget is increasingly dominated by the police advisor.
Sim City except the federal government is this outside funding source for some initiatives but they also send troops in periodically to bludgeon citizens ahead of elections.
Sim City except you have to convince your population that, yes, the regular plagues of preventable diseases sweeping the city are the result of anti-vax sentiment and, no, the city doesn't intend to put the Mark of the Beast in your kid through vaccinations.
Sim City except your city politics are dominated by master race weirdos because all the progressives and centrists in your city are obsessed exclusively with national politics.
Sim City except your city is in a collapsing empire as a result of a trend toward authoritarianism in the face of climate change but also as a result of a baby boom that leaves a generation suffering the long-term effects of childhood lead poisoning over-represented in politics.
Sim City except there's that one advisor that keeps suggesting you build freeways through "their" neighborhoods so you can build high-tax suburbs and represent "the right kind" of citizens.
Sim City except there's bombings and the national media pins it on the people protesting because your nation has never reconned with its slaving and genocidal ways but it's actually the master race weirdos that dominate local politics doing the bombings.
Sim City except every time you build a police station, mysteriously, more master race weirdos show up in your city. That one advisor that keeps suggesting freeways says you're imagining it.
Sim City except you can't zone for any more residential districts despite a severe lack of housing in your city because new houses will "ruin the view" according to the richest citizens. Voters decide to make homelessness more illegal than it already was to solve the issue.
Sim City except if you make hospitals free a small army of master race weirdos show up with bullhorns screaming about globalists and communism. Centrists write think pieces in the same vein, but more urbane. Deaths from dental abscesses and diabetic complications plummet.
Sim City except when an earthquake hits the federal government disrupts relief work because too many people in your city voted against the government. The master race weirdos that dominate local politics and the guy that keeps suggesting freeways insist you're imagining it.
Sim City except when a fire burns down half your city and inspectors determine its the fault of the sole, for-profit power utility and you sue for damages the state government misplaces evidence. After their term is up the governor joins the board of the for-profit power utility.
Sim City except your citizens take up a philosophy that argues the highest goal is self-interest. The master race weirdos that dominate local politics subsequently drum up support for giving local police surplus military equipment from the federal government's most recent wars.
Sim City except your economic advisor keeps insisting that you cut public school funding and allow the state and federal government to build prisons nearby arguing that it will solve two birds with one stone. The guy that keeps suggesting freeways and police advisor agree.
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