I destroyed the kids' activity room & replaced their Ikea desks with seminar-room tables. I could fit 1 1/2

I replaced their drawings (which weren't winning any prizes) with the University's 7 Strategic Directions

I put a dying rubber plant in the corner

Now I deserve respect https://twitter.com/chronicle/status/1293925352755036160
I wear a tie everywhere because Spring Time is Over.

you will never see my shoes. But they are perfectly shined and very uncomfortable

I found a filing cabinet on the street and the spiders are mostly gone

if "merit pay" were a human being it would look a lot like me, I think
I could have been Associate Dean, maybe

maybe higher

I could have been something, you know? Instead of a teacher and researcher. A bum

I had dreams once.

& that is why I wear The Tie. I tell the kids this. Every morning. One day they'll bury me in it. Proudest day of my life
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