In 1979, a struggling production company known mostly for Swedish softcore was sold to two Israeli business men. They would release THE GODSEND the next year and Cannon Films as we know them is born. Join us on our next cinematic journey through everyone's favorite budget studio.
We started with LEMON POPSICLE to get into the Golan-Globus mood, but we are officially in the Cannon canon now with GODSEND. Imagine a sort of VIVARIUM, but less sucky and allegorical. Pretty solid right out of the gate, boys, good job.
The Outing (non-Cannon) is on the same disc as Godsend, so we were inspired to play ALADDIN, starring BUD SPENCER (!!!) as the genie. Also, co-starring Bud Spencer's daughter.

According to IMDB: "UK version was cut by 1 sec. to secure a PG rating." What was the offensive word?
At one point in ALADDIN the police are interrogating our genie hero and don't cotton to his inability to identify himself saying, "You know, you can get two years for disrespecting the police."

Gee, I sure hope not.
Switching gears a bit, we are now playing THE BERLIN AFFAIR. The fifth (?) adaptation of the Japanese novel, Quicksand. Starring Mio Takaki, perhaps best known for her role of Captain Megumi Iruma in the ULTRAMAN: TIGA TV show/movies.
Starting the day with KINJITE: THE FORBIDDEN SUBJECTS, Charles Bronson stars as a vice cop whose investigation into the subjects of [R E D A C T E D R E D A C T E D R E D A C T E D R E D A C T E D R E D A C T E D R E D A C T E D R E D A C T E D R E D A C T]
Sticking with the vice theme, we move onto STREET SMART. A not-great reporter season-five-of-The-Wire's himself into a real pickle with the police and a real pimp. Morgan Freeman earns his first Oscar nomination, one of the few Cannon would receive over the years.
Up next is the critically savaged TOUGH GUYS DON'T DANCE. Director Norman Mailer (based on his novel) "won" a Razzy, but the cinematography and not-dead Wings Hauser are pretty great. Of course this film is famous for one particular scene/line read.
Ending today with two (out of five) Showtime produced/Cannon distributed titles: THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (Laura Dern!) and the Tommy Lee Jones / Virginia Madsen head scratcher, GOTHAM.
Just want to add that Anthony Andrews's Mr Hyde is wonderful. Every phrase, every mannerism exudes malicious charisma. And he seems born to wield a cane. It really is a great dual portrayal.
Never one to miss a trend or beat the competition to release, we started the day with Cannon's iconic love song to the 80's, BREAKIN'. Cheesy, sure; clunky screenplay, yeah; great dancing, you better believe it. And the soundtrack is killer.
We at Scarecrow Video really love our heavy rock 'n' roll, especially when it comes from beyond the grave. Watching 1985's HARD ROCK ZOMBIES.
How does one become an undead hard rocker? Well, you are killed by a nazi cult, of course. Fascists ruin everything. Anyway, there's a Hitler in this movie now.
Up next is ROCKULA, where Cameron takes a break from owning the slopes to play a vampire that starts a band to win the heart of a human. You know, as you do. Also appearances by Thomas Dolby, Bo Diddly and Toni Basil.
I mean, we are playing Cannon films, we find ourselves with an unintentional music theme, so who am I to defy The Fates? Up next, BREAKIN' 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO. Can Boogaloo Shrimp and Shabba Doo save the Community Center?
And as the sun sets, we end the day with LAMBADA. Now, if lambada is the "forbidden dance", and KINJITE is the "forbidden subjects" does that mean that lambada is one of the forbidden subjects? Oh know, I've said too much.
Today's opening pick asks the important question: Which film was a bigger disappointment seeing it as a kid? Both films suffer from the unforgivable sin of taking an IP that takes place entirely in a foreign dimension/planet and changing the setting to our real world.
Of course, we are playing the Cannon classic, Masters of the Universe.
We've come to our first Chuck Norris entry (Cannon's other leading man besides Charles Bronson) and it's his first attempt at something more light-hearted. FIREWALKER is a fun movie, if critically trashed. But take a look that beautiful credit typeface/coloring.
Up next is YOUNG WARRIORS (aka The Graduates of Malibu High), a Frat bros vs violent gang exploitation anti-war low budget extravaganza. If Kevin isn't too careful, his vigilante revenge may cost him more than his life. Gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you
One tale of revenge leads to another as we play DEATH WISH 2. Being a woman in the life of Paul Kersey is about as dangerous as being the parent of a Dungeons and Dragons adventurer. Tragedy is inevitable.
From wiki: "[the author] was so unhappy with the film version (of part one) that he wrote his own sequel, Death Sentence. "They'd made a hero out of him", said Garfield. "I thought I'd shown that he'd become a very sick man""

Cannon did not get this memo for the sequel.
Going the drama route to cash out the day. Playing THAT CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON, based on the play by Jason Miller (The Exorcist). A group of old teammates reunite with their coach to relive the glory days only to find out they are all actually a bunch of jerks.
It's #cannonfodder Day 6! First up is the bad, but fun to watch HELL SQUAD; a bunch of Las Vegas showgirls are trained as commandos to go on a rescue mission for some reason. They mostly end up hanging out together in bathtubs and going on strange missions in their bikinis.
HELL SQUAD's amazing ending; the writer apparently withheld the last part of the script until he got paid. Instead of paying, the director made this wak-a-doo ending; after going on half-naked missions throughout the movie, it is revealed that Ann is a man, Scooby-Doo style. Yes!
#cannonfodder Day 6; ever onward, now playing the EXCALIBUR-esque SWORD OF THE VALIANT starring Miles O'Keeffe, John Rhys-Davies, Peter Cushing, and Sean Connery as the Green Knight. The director wanted Mark Hamill as Gawain, but Golan/Globus insisted of beefcake O'Keeffe.
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