If u follow my trades & scalp profits for 3-6 or more as I advise, enter where I enter and set stop where I set, there's no reason y u should be red for the week. Respect risk & market + patience; that's it. yes i take losses, but as i say, i always win more than i lose $ES #ES_F https://twitter.com/stonkspro/status/1293965626931924998
Greed and lack of discipline makes u think u need to hit 10 pts or more every time. we not trying to hit home runs or play the lotto every trade. we trying to be great so we can have longevity.
i know too many traders who keep having to deposit money in their trading account and starting over and over. this is cuz they lack the ability to control their emotions and play to get rich quick. all the trading knowledge in the world wont help u execute.
same goes for options players as well. just cuz u have long dated positions dont mean u always have to hold it. if u r up good on it then just secure profit. u as a trader is to make money w/ ur money. y r u not letting that happen? take profit and run.
be this kind of trader & u will be less stress in your trading & in your life & you'll make better trading decisions everyday. trust me. you will be much happier and less stress every day knowing u left the day with $100 than -$100.
there will be folks who see this thread & say "oh i know all this already," but still can't execute. just like many people who have great ideas and say "that was my idea!" difference between u and someone successful is that they turn that idea into reality.
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