Here's your little reminder of how ludicrously racist Australian commercial media are. This is in the country's only national daily newspaper:
Yes, the goal here is to 'satirise' Biden as a dozy simpleton. Yes, the cartoon is genuinely racist in how it does that.
No, Biden didn't 'say it'. It's not 'a quote'. If you're going to lie, at least put some grunt into it.
Thread from June about racist cartoons ⬇️
This defence is blatantly ludicrous to anyone still connected even slightly to reality
The company's contention here is that.........this tweet was racist and they were bravely mocking that bigotry? Which is just pure brain mould.
Can anyone figure out which word is missing here?

It starts with 's' and ends with 'ystemic racism within our entire industry is the root cause of this and tackling it requires serious and immediate change, instead of dismissing it as some unusual aberration that rarely occurs'
There's a hard, unbroken rule whenever I tweet about race and racism, where 40% of the replies are 'this isn't racist', 40% are 'go back to shitting in the streets in India', and 20% are both.
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