I have wanted to discuss OneWest for a while.

So, I was about to write my own thread
Wait, Why?

A lot of good ppl have done very good corrections to what I found was poor journalism

Its OneWest not Steve Mnunchin -acquired the bank after 2008. The mortgage crisis was b4 https://twitter.com/osuphantom/status/1291402738660777986
This is going to have many citations to respond when ppl bring up

" Kamala did not prosecute Steve Mnunchin"

This stood out like sore thumb as fall even before I researched it because no one was prosecuted in any of the 50 states plus.

The laws were not in existence
Sidenote- I went to grad school after the financial crisis.

They forced us to take business ethics and makes pledges to be better.

The law allowed things to be done that our ethics should have prevented it.
There were no strong laws to prosecute anyone.
So what did Kamala do:

She didn’t get any prosecutions or convictions, but she did strong-arm the banks into turning a $2 billion settlement proposal into $25 billion of immediate payments.-Daily Kos
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