"Don't think of a pink elephant."

You thought of a pink elephant. The mind does not understand negatives. Once something is mentioned, your mind automatically thinks about it.

Thus, don't be discouraged by the media posting videos, articles, hit pieces on Q and Q anon...... 1/
2/ The pieces will say, "Here's this baseless conspiracy theory called Q anon. Now, let us tell you all about it. Crazy, huh?"

They are telling their readers to NOT think of the PINK ELEPHANT. Yet the readers and viewers, now many "normies" and "left-wing" people will start...
3/ to entertain the concept of Q and the theories, even if their cognitive dissonance does not allow them to believe it. In fact, they will adamantly oppose it in order to protect their world view (you can see this on a minor scale when you ask someone about 9II). This is on a..
4/...much more massive scale. Remember, we are Digital Warriors. The battle is for the American Mind.

How do you invade enemy territory in a physical battle? Do you do so obviously and blatantly? Or do you do so by surprise?

The gentle opening of the American Mind is now...
5/...coming from the MSM in the form of advertising the "baseless conspiracy" that somehow is a "meta conspiracy" that wraps up all other "conspiracies" of the last 25 years or so.

Be patient. Be kind. Others will wake up.

Oh, and don't think of a PINK ELEPHANT...
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