this is a statement that's lost me friends and even partners in the past, but i still believe it to be true - a lot more leftists, antifascists, and specifically trans folx need to be having serious, sober conversations w/ themselves and their partners about self defense.
it seems only prudent to recognize that we have entered into - in some cases, long been in - situations where there exists no state authority or agency that is willing to assist in our defense, or ensure our safety. as such, we must be ready and able to defend ourselves.
does that mean every antifascist needs to own a gun? no, of course not. there are many subjective considerations that might make such inadvisable or impossible for a given person in a given situation. i think most of us would benefit from becoming familiar with them, however.
and i think all politically active antifascists and leftists - anarchists, communists, whoever and whatever yr tendency - to start figuring out plans to ensure your safety or your family's safety in the weeks and months to come, whatever that means for your situation and risk.
for some of us, that simply means being mindful of what you reveal about yourself, and where, and to whom. for others, i think it is likely reasonable for such conversations to include thoughts about how to leave at short notice, and where to go, if you have to do so.
without going into detail, i will say there are sober, serious people of my acquaintance, people i have never known to be prone to paranoia or exaggeration, who now keep bags in their closets with cash and a 90 day supply of their medications.
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