My goodbye thread 💜🌙
(i guess, also an explanation)

I'll be offline soon so this is the tweet that answers everything

questions I'll be answering:

-Why am I going offline?
-How long am i gonna be offline?
-how does this affect my account?
-What about art?

(pls read thread)
1- Why am I going offline?

This is my final year of high school. In tunis, we have a thing called "baccalaureate" where we pass a series of really hard exams and depending on our score, we either pass or redo the year

this year's percentage of passing students is less than 30%
2- How long am I going offline?

I will be gone from August 15th (this saturday) , until after the baccalaureate results are announced, which is in mid july-start of august

or simply put: I will be gone exactly 1 year, from august 2020 to august 2021
3- How does this affect my account?
4- What about art?

I'll be offline, but that doesn't mean I won't provide art. I knew about me having to go offline since last year, so i prepared multiple Art pieces to be posted while I am offline every few weeks

I personally won't be-
-active anymore, so no more spam tweets, but this doesn't mean you won't get content from my account

From now on, feel free to turn on my notification without fear of me spamming you, and feel free to unfollow @GlitterioArt since *this* account will become my "art only" account
If you read the whole thread, thank you! I'd appreciate it if you rt so you can spread the word.

I am trusting all of you with my account!
Please make sure to still support my art and enjoy it while I'm gone, and keep this account alive!!

I will miss this community, cya 💖
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