Thanks to #Sweden we definitely know there is no “calamity”: A comparison between 1990-2019 and 2020 death rates. Only in April, there is a spike, which still is 19th in the list of deadliest months during that time. Also 6 month average is 24th in 30 years. #SwedenWasRight
Another thanks to #Sweden, we definitely know that country wide “ #lockdowns saved lives” is a blatant lie or an arrant nonsense. Belgium with harsh quarantine have doubled Sweden in deaths per million, United Kingdom is nearly same, New York, hmm, New York is a joke actually.
Let’s also add these information here, there are 0 (ZERO) deaths between the age of 1-19 in NO MASK/NO QUARANTINE #Sweden. Children transmit less (below thread) and are really safe, even their antibody response is around 60%. Flu is riskier for them.
Sweden’s only mistake was to return sick care home residents and to respond late to care home deaths, that mistake can be read from the difference between Stockholm&Skane. Still, Sweden (Tegnell) was the only country to apologize for this mistake.
One last: Nearly half of all covid deaths worldwide occurred ONLY IN CARE HOMES. Governments/big capital have used these stats based on their failure to terrorize you. Tens of millions of medical procedures are halted, unprecedented famines, unemployment, crisis for nothing.
No difference in deaths in Sweden in 2020 for the people between 0-64. What a deadly pandemic, what a calamity. (The increase in elderly is highly related to negligence of care homes common in Europe, we talked before. Half of all coronavirus deaths are in care homes in Europe.)
MSM, with new orders from same place, started to bombard Sweden, same day, same sentences, based on pure distortion and lies. They are saying 2020 is the year with most deaths in 150 years, which means nothing without its relation to population. #FakeNews
😱😱😱 2020’s deadly pandemic in Sweden: Close to 2015 when population growth is also considered. This means that people died! Just as some other years. Life as we know is unfortunately ended, we have to adjust to a new normal. For our health!
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