Has anyone else seen the commercials for Apple TV’s Oprah Conversations?

I’m telling you now, if the black community doesn’t stand up against the Oprah/white fragility racism charges NOW, the white community will be no more. And once we’re gone, everyone else is next.
White people died to found America. White people died to end slavery. White people died to stop Hitler.

Yes, many patriots of every race gave their lives to these causes. I’m not taking their sacrifice lightly.

But the majority was white people.
Yes, there was slavery and racism and the coordinated efforts to keep the black community from achieving success. I understand that.

But without white and black banding together, the progress that has been made would not have been made.
I understand that we are not perfect and we have a ways to go. But look how far we’ve come.

We’ll never get there, though, if the current trends continue for much longer.
I’m asking for you to stand with us again today to stop the “other-izing” of white people, especially conservatives.

Yes, we will be fighting against a joint effort by black and white WHICH IS WHY WE NEED YOU.
Please. Speak out against this. Use your voice to tell the power that we are united beyond our skin.

Because if we don’t stop it now, it is all over. For all of us.
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