Here's a random question: who is the most dead person with a verified Twitter account?
Richard Feynman (died 1988) has one.
John Lennon (died 1980) had one too
Albert Einstein, died 1955, has one!

Can anyone find a more dead verified Twitter?
Nope on Isaac Newton, FDR, Lincoln, George Washington, or Queen Victoria.
Jimi Hendrix has one, but he didn't die until 1970 so Al is still the winner.
Step down Al, Frida Kahlo died in '54 and she's verified here on Twitter.
Edgar Rice Burroughs (died 1950) has an official account, but it's not verified, so Frida still has the lead.
@ Beatrix Potter exists and is verified, but the name is set to "Peter Rabbit" so I don't think it counts. They're not even pretending to be a long dead person. They're pretending to be a fictional rabbit, which is WAY more common, in my experience.
Will Rogers (died in 1935) has an official account, but no verification.
I was really expecting that Oscar Wilde (died 1900) was gonna be the next one to have a verified account... but even though the most "official" account at @ OscarWilde has 20k followers, they're not verified
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