As I said months ago, the UAE will cast itself as a hero, saying that they agreed to normalize relations with Israel in return for Israel agreeing to not annex the West Bank. This helps Israel maintain & extend the status quo *and* the ghost of a 2SS solution at the same time
The perfect situation for Israel is to maintain the status quo *and* be free to formally annex the West Bank piecemeal *and* maintain the ghost of a 2SS, *and* be able to say that this is not hurting it diplomatically in the region. MBZ et al helping it achieve exactly that.
What's in it for MBZ et al? This. Remember they have already burned their bridges with most everyone in the US political ecosystem who's not Trump.
Depending what investigations proceed after Trump, the full scale of UAE-Saudi corruption and interference in the US political system (including the 2016 elections) will only add fuel to this fire.
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