Justin Trudeau, who is a shining example of white male privilege, has violated the white male code by daring to acknowledge and challenge that privilege. Even while he decries the violence, @Justin_Ling minimizes the intent behind Trudeau’s appointments. #cdnpoli https://twitter.com/Scott_Gilmore/status/1293914370628411392
It is past time for other powerful and high profile white men to examine why they have such a visceral reaction to Trudeau. Why it’s so important for them to expose him for the “fraud” they believe him to be. Why SNC became “Trudeau firing women” when it was never about that.
Why we keep seeing white men saying and writing that the abortion question is a non issue, while ignoring the important detail that Trudeau is clear that women’s fundamental rights are not at the whim of someone else’s conscience.
Can we all just acknowledge this violence, largely directed at women and POC, is a result of the erosion of white make privilege? Because it’s obvious that’s the case.
This is not directed at Ling. He’s exposed something very important that others have ignored, and he’s correct that the RCMP should be funded to provide protection to all Cabinet members.
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