Let’s take a look at Microchip, shall we?
Microchip and his associates knowingly used botnets to amplify GRU Prighozhin’s IRA troll messaging on social media.
Microchip told a Buzzfeed reporter in 2017 that he is a freelance mobile software developer in his early thirties and lives in Utah.

He takes extraordinary measures to conceal his online identity.
Some of Microchip’s known recent Twitter accounts.
Here is Microchip in his own words bragging about his various ops against the left.
Here is another known Microchip account.
Microchip’s game plan against the left has no rules.
Microchip has a very grandious opinion of himself and of his ops against the left.
Microchip likes nazis and idealizes Hitler, which is curious.
Sometimes Microchip calls himself Doug, as in Douglas Matthew Stewart, but Doug denies being Microchip.
Doug’s pals vigorously defend Doug against any accusation he is Microchip.
For context, Doug’s pals were saying it was not Doug pretending to be Microchip in this radio program. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/256-right-to-bryden-30974685/episode/right-to-bryden-s03e14--39012428/?cmp=web_share
Interesting, because where goes Microchip seems to always go Doug Stewart.
It is not unusual for Doug and his pals to have to clean up after their fail ops.

In this instance, Doug and his pals claimed to have started QAnon as a “larp” which later got out of their control.
“I think it is pretty clear that Doug is Microchip now.”

Here is James Brower (JB) admitting QAnon was a larp.

It seems Microchip and Doug Stewart have much in common. They both advocate for violence against the left.
Doug Stewart threatened to expose geolocation of individuals whom he deemed to be “Antifa terrorists” via “a scraper” (from Twitter data) with the objective those individuals “can be neutralized as fast as possible”.

Both Doug and Microchip advocate for violence against the left
To be clear: Douglas Matthew Stewart wants to publicly geolocate and violently “neutralize” those he deems to be “Antifa” — all because a rando-woman tossed a drink on 2 men in a restaurant — a woman who no evidence suggests is in any way affiliated with “Antifa”.
Another Microchip op against the left involved Al Franken.
Meet another one of Doug Stewart and Microchip’s buddies.
Here is another op Microchip and Doug Stewart ran against the left with Andrew Torba and “Ricky Vaughn”.

They were able to coopt willing surrogates from the left to do their dirty deeds in targeting Democrats on this platform.
Let’s be VERY CLEAR about what it is we are dealing with here.

Doug Stewart and Microchip love the Hitler disinformation poster Jack Posobiec.


He is their buddy.
Here is Andrew Torba simping for Gab on Tucker Carlson.
If you are used as a tool against the left and decent anti-fascist workers by these right wing manipulators, you are no liberal, much less an anti-fascist.

If you were duped by them in the past, learn from it and do not repeat that mistake.

Shake off the dust and move forward.
Here is Doug Stewart joking with his right wing pal JB about using “the 2016 strategy” in 2020.

If this is what you want — if you want Trump as POTUS and nasty little racists like this punking you, then do not heed my advice today.
Do not get punked by a loser, racist punk.
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