~ Matthew Daddario quotes ~
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Here we go, enjoy Matt’s nonsense and wisdom! <3
”Now, let’s see these questions here. They’re probably all plant-related. I know you guys are obsessed, OBSESSED, with plants.”
”I'm not good at crushes. What if they don't like the same food as me? I can't handle that kind of letdown.”
”Go home, ask the person who loves you ’if I was in the body of—’ and insert their least favourite person ever ’—would you still love me?’ and watch how quickly they go ’yeah, of course, 100%’.”
”I get a lot of pictures of me, right? Like paintings, like really good paintings and different kinds of art, all printed out, but what am I supposed to do with it? Cause I can’t cover the walls in my house with pictures of myself cause I will look like a crazy person.”
”I'm always happy to talk to a Shadowhunters fan because they are enthusiastic, they care about what they're talking about, and many of them have built friendships off of it, so it matters to them, and therefore it matters to me.”
”When they want us to look ’extra sexy’ they’d put me in a tight t-shirt.”
”What does it mean? You’re not me? But most people aren’t, in my experience. Are you gonna wear it? You should wear it to work.”
”I was up for anything for Alec but for Malec we did have certain expectations that it was handled with care.”
“Man, I could wax poetic [about the fans]. I would say, that they should really know, and I think they do, that the fans made this a wonderful experience [...] We really appreciate everything they’ve done for us. It was really wonderful because of them.”
"There is literally no memory left in my phone. I took fourteen thousand blue sky photos and I need all of them."
”Since playing Alec, I think I am a more open person because I've tried to reduce my closeness.”
”As long as you’re not actively harming other people, who you are is who you should be. So have no shame in that.”
"(about the Clave) It's a semi political military organisation that's operating from a faraway organisational location.”
”ALEC GO GET SOME SUN, BABY. Can't keep defending you if you all pasty AND mopey.”
”Honestly, I don’t really plan a lot. I’m not a big planner.”
”People generally are so afraid of being unliked that they’re ready to lie and to be dishonest and to have opinions and an appeal to whatever they think the group wants, but that’s not necessarily what’s best.”
”I would say that I am the funniest person in the cast and that’s simply because everybody else is so painfully unfunny that it makes me, a not funny person, seem very funny.”
”I just want everybody to acknowledge that I was right from the beginning. And that everyone else at the table didn’t listen to me.”
”If people are mean to you, don’t be mean back. Just ignore them.”
”You know, the people saying they’re going to sleep... you can watch this later, you know? Someone is gonna save it and put it online, and you can watch it later. If you’re going to sleep, go to bed. It’s more important that you go to bed.”
”I love you guys.”
”Naked! No, that's not totally true. Maybe now though. Let's go with naked.”
”’Hey Valentine! I hope you get a big kiss on this day! From a train. A fast train. Love you, Alec.’ Is that good? Is that passive-aggressive?”
”But the decision of wanting to be an actor… I think it was always sort of a nagging belief that I wanted to, but it didn’t seem practical and I was always very concerned about my future well being because acting is not a guarantee.”
”Malec doesn't happen guys. I would remember that. Just turn off your TVs.”
”And then... *distant barking noises* so when the— when the— is there a DOG?! Is there a dog in here?”
”I would be the hyenas in Lion King. They have a dope thing going on. They are completely insane and they seem to be enjoying themselves all the time, laughing, rolling on their backs. So that’s who I would be.”
”Well… the only constant in the multi-dimensional Shadowhunters universe is that Magnus and Alec are married in every single one of them.”
”Who’s it gonna be? Who’s it gonna be? It’s me. I’m a little upset that you found time to do an interview without me, but I’ll ask you a question: why is Alec Lightwood your favourite character? See you guys.”
”I’d like to be remembered as being good. And not harming people. At the same time, I want to be remembered for doing something important that affected people for positive change.”
“And by the way, here’s a little tip... not my most secret tip. Maybe one day I will release that one, because no one seems to know that tip, so that’s something to hold over your heads now. But the other secret tip is [...]”
”You’re one Clave investigation away from working in a field hospital in Dumb-Dumb Town, where you’re from.”
”As a career it’s been... it’s been like incredibly difficult, obviously as it is, and it’s also been very, very rewarding. And I don’t think I would have found quite as much reward if I had taken the route I initally was going to [economics].”
”That’s the best thing about pizza. It’s easy and it’s right there and you can eat it while you walk. And if you sit down while you eat it? Then… then… shame! Shame on you! Walk with it! Fold it in half!”
”I’m so sorry, guys, I’m so fucking sorry. I don’t know why this is happening. It’s the first thing in the fucking morning. Oh, fuck.”
”WHO IS TWITTER? Who is this person?”
”Thank you! Thanks for listening to me talk about paint. Byyyyeee!”
”[about waving] It’s the universal symbol for goodbye! They do it over the entire world! Are you gonna say don’t wave goodbye?”
”[about North Dakota and South Dakota] From their perspective they say ’up’ and ’down’. That’s because we’ve presented a map a certain way and we just decided that north is north, and that’s good, north means up. Great, well I’m— uhhh okay I’ll stop.”
”I actually have a very strong obsession with language. I believe that language is a human creation, is the purest form of human creation, in fact it is the only thing that we truly have created that is entirely human. It is the analysis of our world through our production.”
”I’m not gonna take off my shirt, come on. Come on. Come on. That’s... that’s not— that’s not fair.”
”[about meeting fans] I met someone at Disneyland the other day. I had some extra tickets and I passed a couple of tickets to a couple of young girls.”
”I’m gonna get water real quick, guys. Don’t miss me.”
”[about watching yourself on screen] I think I have always watched myself to see what I am doing and what I can improve so I don’t find it weird.”
”[what can’t you go a day without] My cell phone? That’s really depressing. It can’t possibly be my cell phone. My cell phone is not the most important thing I have. It just feels that way.”
”[about sharing any similarities with Alec] I share many. Alec is controlled. I think that I used to be very controlled. I also consider others before myself to a fault, which he also does. Not that I’m a Saint, of course.”
”You are not trash, you are lovely.”
”[does having children ever cross your mind?] Yeah, of course. I want to have kids. You crazy? I want three.”
”Come here, I want a hug.”
”Is anyone here actually comfortable on their birthday? Do you want gifts? ’YES! I deserve these gifts! Also sing me my birthday song right now! Put fire on top of a sugary treat and I will blow it out and then the gods will grant me a wish! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME!’”
”[about auditioning for commercials as a child] My mother wanted me to learn how to speak publicly, and she figured this would be a way to get me comfortable with speaking to other people.”
”’Are you real?’ I am, I am, I am. Well, I don’t know, maybe not. I mean eventually I’ll have to figure that out.”
”When you’re online with each other, stop yelling at each other all the time.”
”There were dogs here. I wanna show you guys the dogs.”
”I also get this fanmail and I wanna respond to it. I respond to like half of it, or as much as I can. I go through these bursts: I get together, I sit down, I do as much as I can, I send it back.”
”Is that my butt?”
”I don’t wear a wig.”
”I did some landscaping work, and in the process of landscaping work - my shirt off and all sweaty and digging holes and just being a real... a real guy out there... - I got a little bit tan. Like a little bit. Like not really.”
”[in the middle of an interview] What are we talking about right now? We talking about you getting laid?”
”I wanna make it clear: these people I work with are my friends. They are and I love them. But having to describe how much I love them everyday is giving them big egos.”
”Okay, I think I did this thing right but I don’t know if I did: did the link thing work? You know the thing where the people swipe up to download the thing? I don’t know if it worked.”
”I'm going to shave today. Nobody will recognize me and I'll have to reintroduce myself to all my friends.”
”I have deleted a single photo from my phone. I have room for one selfie. Living on the edge. If it happens, no second chances.”
”I bet lots of people love that useful runes are conveniently placed on Shadowhunter bellies.”
”You’re allowed to fight with family members, in fact that’s one of the great things about family members. They’re always your family members until they’re not, but.... don’t try to figure that one out, I don’t know where I was going with that.”
”’Do you wanna steal Alberto’s kitten?’ MaaayyYYbeeEEeee...”
”[about what is his favourite season] The warm ones. Don’t like the cold, and the cold is coming here just so aggressively. It’s just the worst. I mean who likes the cold? Who likes the cold? Are you crazy? I mean, like... it’s terrible.”
”If cold was delivered in small packages, where it’s intermittent, and not an on-going, endless, painful dark time... then it would be awesome.”
”[arguing with an 11-year-old] You heard me swear?! I didn’t swear! [...] No, I didn’t swear, though. I didn’t! I didn’t. [...] Nuh-uh-uh. Nah. No, I’m not gonna listen to this kind of slander. That’s bullsh—.”
”[about bloopers] The issue is that we don’t have a lot of time, and unfortunately that means that I can’t screw around a lot. But I really like to.”
”Maybe I’m a little bit colour-blind. [...] I’m not sure, but it seems like other people can see colours really well and I can’t.”
”No one on the set is funny. They’re all, uhh, they’re bores. And I don’t think I’ve ever heard a joke from any of them. It’s like working with sand.”
”I can juggle three things. Isn’t that great, fabulous, wonderful! That is a useless talent, by the way. Never in your life are you needed to juggle. It serves no purpose, it does nothing for you and nobody really finds it sexy or cool.”
”[about his worst fear] I don't know. I don't spend time thinking about my fears and let them consume me.”
”[about what traffic sign would he be] Road Work Ahead. Because I’m a piece of work.”
”[about his fashion sense] That's called timeless style, baby.”
”[to Dom] Do you wanna watch Netflix and chill with me later? Do you wanna do that with me?”
”If you say something mean, I’m going to throw a rock at you.”
”I love baseball but I hurt my arm. I love soccer but I hurt my leg.”
”I have to do a dare. So of course this is going to be something related to singing, which I’m not gonna do.”
”What am I doing? It’s going red— okay, yeah. Wait, I’m too tall for the Freeform back. This video is not— it’s not complete! It’s just me complaining!”
”I feel like I have a great burden to entertain you all.”
”If ship becomes a reality? A boat.”
”[Let’s hope that] the world becomes just a better, happier place with better, happier people.”
”Since you guys always make fun of me for it, I enjoy doing it; I’m gonna press the button. Here we go. That’s not a button...Ah, there it is, now it’s a button.”
”Someone’s saying I’m being salty right now. Am I being salty? Do I seem tired? I think I’m probably tired.”
”My mom is like the most impressive lady of all time.”
”Oh, I know what the question was. I was just not answering.”
”Here’s the deal; the day you gotta get motivated is on Sunday. Monday is a bad day to get motivated, it’s already too late.”
”[his plans for the near future, besides having a baby] Work, and continue to explore the world and see what I can do to help at certain things depending on my availability and time.”
”[about Alec] He’s a sweetie-pie and he does no wrong. And everyone else is the worst.”
”[about WTGST] The cast is obscenely tall. It’s silly.”
”I like to clean as I cook, so that the end is just ’here’s the food’ and there’s nothing else to, you know, make a mess.”
”The energy is gonna be high and the questions are gonna be smart and high-effort and we’re gonna have a great time!”
”I hope everyone had fun watching this idiocy. It was fun for me!”
”I would have been the best race car driver in the world, without a doubt!”
”Say bye to me last ’cause I’m the most important.”
”I’ve got you guys, don’t worry.”
”Alright, you want concise? We’re gonna give you concise.”
”Alec gets throw into walls a lot. [...] They’re like ’okay pretend you just landed’ and I’m like ’when do I get to do the thing where I get thrown on the ground?’ and they’re like ’no, no, no, you won’t be doing that, that’s for your stunt double’.”
”[during a photo op the wind from the cooler made my hair blow] Did you see that?! Whoaaa, now that’s a proper photoshoot!”
”[as an actor, what advice do you give to the people who want to concentrate on getting into the zone] Oh. Depends on what that zone is.”
”They like my work and I am basically working for them in that respect, when they have some love for my character and they are shrieking and screaming it shows me something is being done right.”
”If Magnus' daddy is a prince, what does that make Magnus? And how can Alec get in on this royalty thing? Alec needs to be a king. King Alec season 6.”
”[during the Werewolf game] That’s a suspicious cough.”
”[during a live stream] You guys have to learn not to curse on this thing. This is a public thing, you can’t curse here. And there’s kids here, guys.”
”Okay guys I know I do this every week but my shuttle from the moon is running late so i won't be doing #ShadowhuntersChat tonight.”
”We judge others through their actions, we judge ourselves for our intentions. And if you switch that off and you start to look at your own actions and you look at other people’s intentions, and you can sort of start understanding their motives better.”
”’What is the most embarrassing nickname you’ve ever had?’ Kids are cruel, and I’ve had some nicknames that I wouldn’t wanna repeat anywhere.”
”[For an actor] plays are very rewarding.”
”I would rather be the villain if the villain is the cooler out of the two characters, but the hero is also fun. But I would actually prefer to win no matter what so if the villain wins in the end then I wanna be the villain.”
”He involved singing. He involved singing! [...] Disqualify him!”
”So again, Alec is living his life, trying to do the right thing and everybody is making it difficult for him. This is an on-going theme.”
”Real life is stupid and who needs it anyway.”
”I just got hit with a grape! Where did that come from? ...... Oh, Isaiah.”
”You just go find Alec and you ask him a bunch of questions related to the smell of candles. Best of luck.”
”They banned me from doing Tuesday takeovers because I let the power go to my head last time. Found me naked on a makeshift throne, muttering about tweets and live chats.”
”[about working with Laura Dern] She is the most lovely woman ever.”
”I just realized something. Y’all... y’all motherfuckers. So, what this was initially, the first time I did this, was ’can he talk about something for 90 seconds?’ and what I realized now was ’can Matt shut the fuck up before 90 seconds?’”
”We’re presented with problems, sometimes little opportunities, but largely life is a sequence of problems that you have to solve.”
”So, in terms of photography in general actually I guess I had an interest when I was younger, I just didn’t sort of spend any time working on it.”
”How the fuck do you know this? I gotta ask, how the fuck do you know this shit?”
”’The papor behind you is moving itself.’ I don’t have any idea what a papor is. What is a papor? I gotta know what a papor is... I need to know what a papor is. Good lord!”
”Oh, the paper towels! Where are the paper towels? I can’t see th— OH, I see! Paper towels. Yeah, they’re probably moving because the door is open because of the nice weather.”
”’Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself’. Yeah, you and me both.”
”[to Kat] Come to set we need you for the big football scene.”
”I don’t know if I can talk about this, BUT... there is a character... who comes back... and we get a little more action with that character... Oh no, wait! You haven’t even... Okay, anyway, there’s gonna be some really good.... some really good, uhh, good new characters.”
”Try to speak without using my hands? I have to do that at work, and when you’re filming you can’t have your hands fluttering about so you’re gonna get them on your sides. And so you’re like ’okay, still, still.’”
”[during Beat Your Superfan trivia] No way you’re gonna win, I know everything about this show.”
”Oh, is that what the photos mean? People are taking screenshots?”
”Oh. Oh, shit. Oh, I’m sorry, I cursed. Hey kids, don’t curse at home!”
”[after season 1 had aired and we were facing a long hiatus] The depression is... is overwhelming.”
”My favorite Christmas movie is How the Grinch stole Christmas and my favorite part is when he ruins Christmas for all the little Who People of Whoville. I’m kidding, that’s not my favorite part. My favorite part is when he learns the lesson about Christmas and his heart grows.”
”Merry Christmas! I hope it’s snowing where you live.”
”Which do I prefer? I don’t play favourites with holidays. Thanksgiving is a wonderful family holiday and so is Christmas, and either one you can eat whatever you want.”
”French Bulldog? I do like French Bulldogs. I mean, is there a breed of dog that we don’t really like?”
”’Any chance of Alec with a beard in 2b?’ Well, first of all you guys did a very good job of preventing the mustache, which I was gonna wear for season 2b if you guys didn’t turn into the episode. So thank god you did because that would have been a mess.”
”It’s the holiday season and that’s when we ask questions that otherwise we would not ask. Or say things or do things.”
”[When Dom’s dog Dan was on high alert because of thundering and lightning] Good job, Dan, you keep that lightning outside!”
”[about Malec] We really want to create something of value where people are rooting for these characters or they want to see them together. And when they finally do [get together], [they] commit to each other. That’s something that means something.”
”Happy new year!”
”[after spelling it as ’Golem’] Wow it's spelled Gollum. Wow. So disappointed. Hiding my own cell phone for the next two weeks.”
”Harry Potter can’t read. He went to school for magic, not for reading. Writing magic stuff isn’t real word(s), that’s not real— that’s not reading. That’s different.”
”For all the hours and hours of creative effort and hard work from hundreds of people, I’m beyond thrilled at the impact our show has had.”
”You can always find me at a hammock.”
”I won't be able to live tweet tonight's episode as I will be filming. There is a conspiracy to prevent me from sharing my vitally important #shadowhunterschat insights about butts, buns, and booties. #freemattforbuttchat.”
”Thanks to you all for your support. I can't thank you enough for the ride. #akucinta...”
”I love receiving gifts and at the same time I’m terrible at accepting them because I get stressed out.”
”[...] you should just give up on me, like I did. So done with me right now I can't even.”
”[to Isaiah] You look the way you do. I struggle. But I accept.”
”I’m eating, uh, peanut butter on bread because I’m a grown man and, uh... apparently grown people can eat whatever they want, and peanut butter on bread is something I liked when I was 4 and I also like it when I’m 31.”
”All dalmatians have a 100 spots and that’s were that movie 101 Dalmatians came from because that one dalmatian has 101 spots, which makes him special cause he has one more than the rest.”
”15 minutes and then I'm live tweeting this premiere. Wanna know what Dom was eating that day? Who's got a cute butt? #shadowhunterschat
”[to Sienna the dog] Frisbee, let’s find it, come on. Where do you think it is? You gotta find it, that’s part of the deal.”
”Alec just threw so much shade at Jocelyn she's gonna have to take vitamin D supplements for life. #ShadowhuntersChat
”[’I was 14 when I had my first kiss.’] Hah, can’t be any of my cast members cause their first kisses all happened on the show.”
”That’s an incorrect best breakfast. The best breakfast is fried chicken on waffles with chicken gravy.”
”To all the people who threaten to punch me in the face... Do I have to be concerned or is that a love thing.”
”[about when was the last time he was on the naughty list] By default, baby.”
”[’The 7 wonders of the world: eat, kiss, see, hear, feel, love, sing.’] What, Em?! Those aren’t the seven wonders of the world!”
”Let’s tell every young person it’s okay to be who you are.”
”Everyone's smooching everyone and Alec just wants to do his job. That's why he's the best and deserves a big smooch. #ShadowhuntersChat
”Wow, this is weird. Being— the internet is— I’m on the internet, look at that, okay.”
”Alec is reasonable and everyone is all, "follow your heart". If that worked id be watching Shadowhunters in my spaceship. #ShadowhuntersChat
”[about Esther] I get to see this smile every day and that’s all I want forever.”
”[about photography] I’m working on getting better, I want to be more inventive with it. I think I’ve gotten to the stage now where I should get more artistic with what I’m doing.”
”Your Mondays are soon spent watching Shadowhunters. Your Tuesdays will be spent recovering.”
”Giraffes are ridiculous.”
”[when he encouraged us to vote in the TCAs but unbeknownst to him the voting had closed already] Oh yeah I knew that just messing around. 😐
”People are saying I haven't been on here and I'm in big trouble. I'm back.”
”[You can come and chat with], my god, all kinds of lovely people. It’s a dream come true. Alright, so see you on Saturday!”
”[to ’where have you been Daddario?’] In the mountains, duh.”
”[about holding the NBA trophy] Always knew I'd hold this trophy. Maybe this is different circumstances but I’ll take it!”
”I'm in the middle of a five hundred acre farm and I can still watch #shadowhunters. What a time to be alive.”
”[when he was in the lead in a music quiz] How am I winning a music one? I don’t know anything about music!”
”Hahaha vampires use landlines, what are they, like, 100? #ShadowhuntersChat
”[someone wrote ’Dom I’m single too’ as an answer to Kahoot] ’Dom I’m single too’ Love there! You’re sliding into the Kahoot dms. Am I saying it like the kids say it these days? Sliding into the dms.”
”No, no, I don’t sing in the movies. I sing in real life. Beautifully, like an angel.”
”I have never seen High School Musical. What is this High School Musical thing? What does it have to do with our show? [to Dom] Were you in High School Musical? Are you High School Musical?”
”I'm trying to respond to people but honestly you guys it's so many tweets. Which is an awesome problem. #ShadowhuntersChat
”@/CatDaddario and @/Eskim089 trying to decide who is their favorite character. Like, I'm right here guys. #ShadowhuntersChat
”Live chat in one hour. Instagram or Twitter? You guys choose.”
”’... sent a request to be in your live video’. Don’t know what that is. All the stuff [on Instagram] changes. Look, I’m away for two months and it’s all different. Now they’ve got all new kinds of stuff.”
”Next season we need lots of interdimensional travel. I'm gonna spend the next few weeks in other dimensions for research. #shadowhunterschat
”[after joking how appallingly dirty his boss’ house is] She’s throwing trash at us! Where did she find trash to throw at us?!”
”Love you guys. Happy Valentine’s Day!”
”I don’t have a good handwriting. Have you seen my handwriting? It’s not good.”
”I’m not gonna die from eating candy!”
”[about filming Shadowhunters] This was really a wonderful experience overall. And that work was rewarded with a fandom that is both very enthusiastic and very kind.”
”Check out the link, please, and tell me how great I am.”
”’Give us spoilers!’ I give you guys so many spoilers and you guys only catch about half of them, and I keep track of that. But they’re out there, I’m telling ya.”
”’Tell us about your first date ever’. That was so many years ago. I’m so old. I don’t remember my first date. I’m sure it went splendidly. Can you imagine?”
”I thought it was sweet. I thought Alec and Magnus are very sweet. I think they are working really hard to make something work that really shouldn’t work if you think about it because Magnus is like a million years old.”
”I got candy. I don’t know who gave it to me. I’m guessing it was Kat ’cause Kat is prone to do things like this. She likes to give people treats.”
”[about Malec] ’Where did they travel?’ They travelled to Prague, they went to Japan, they went all over the world, and I think they just ate and drank in every location. And honestly... I think they were doooooing soooome loooooviiiin’.”
”[about Emeraude’s Cosmopolitan cover photo] Miren a mi tercer hermanita en la portada de @/cosmopolitanmx! I'd be there too but I can't pull off that outfit.”
”For PSA's, cute butt conversation and other important analysis of Shadowhunters, I'll be live tweeting Ep2 in ~1 hour. #shadowhunterschat
”[pointing at a photo of himself] I... am... this person. And that is a fact about Matthew Daddario.”
”[during the pandemic] I just miss being at things. You know? I don’t care what [that] at is.”
”Wow. You look very... season one.”
”And be nice to each other, please. I don’t want, like, some thing after this with a bunch of people yelling at each other and telling other people horrible things and saying mean things to each other. Stop with that, it’s really exhausting.”
”[while walking among common birds] I am your Bird King. Hello! Hello! Bird King, Bird King, dun-du-dun-du-duh [cracks up].”
”Will Tudor is actually from a small town in Kansas. His whole British presentation is an act. He’s a fraud, he’s a liar but he’s a good man, and I forgive him for his sins. He’s a great Kansas gentleman.”
”I like when Alec gets a little bit sassy with people and I wish we had more opportunities to do that.”
”If you’re not happy with what you’re doing, do anything to change what you’re doing.”
”[about his role in Tommy] It was fun, I had a good time! It was a nice environment. It was nice to do something like that, I enjoyed myself, so I’m happy I did that. [...] Nice show. I should probably think about doing more of that.... those little guest stars are kinda fun.”
”NO! Take me back to the happy land. #ShadowhuntersChat
”Today is #InternationalWomensDay so shoutout to all the women out there, my mother, my sisters, all the great people who raised me and made me the person I am today.”
”I think I auditioned for Jace... years ago. Back when— yeah, back when they were casting [for the film]. But I don’t... I don’t think that they called me back.”
”Who doesn’t like cows? That’s madness!”
”[was he inspired by his sister Alexandra being an actress] Of course. I think that I never would have pursued acting in the first place if I hadn’t seen somebody that I’m close to succeed in it or try it.”
”Asking somebody what their favourite colour for example is, is a ridiculous question that I actually reject.”
”I like owls. They don’t like me, but I like owls.”
”[about Alec] He... he also is... you know, he’s just generally actually a really sweet guy.”
”I do see your messages.”
”[about the physical training process for Sh] It was endless. My god, you have to watch your food intake and you have to run and you have to workout because you’re supposed to look like these Shadowhunters.”
”I’ve broken basically all my fingers because when you play sports eventually you break all your fingers.”
”Oh, bananas!”
”[about his grandfather] He also had a lot of interests in science and engineering as well. Of course he wasn’t a scientist but I think that sort of led us into being interested in those fields.”
”[If he starts to laugh during filming a scene] I can’t stop.”
”Ugh! What the fucking shit?”
”The winter is ending, you know? I gotta do summer shopping. Which I know I’m just gonna llloooooveee...”
”[interviewer asking whether Alec or Magnus is going to have a new love interest in 3b] A— a new love interest? Are you out of your mind?!”
”[about the international fans using ’creative ways’ to watch the episodes before they were even available on Netflix] That’s okay, as long as you watch. That’s what we care about, that you watch.”
”[to the passing U.F.O.] Take me with you. [everybody, including him, starts to laugh]. Sorry, I didn’t think— I don’t know why I said it out loud.”
”I wanted to be a doctor, I wanna be an astronaut but the astronaut has a little... there’s some difficulty getting into that. The barriers of entry are significant, so actor was easier than astronaut but harder than a lot else.”
”[about when he got casted in Sh] There was a very surprising realization that the fans are very intense and very enthusiastic and they came out in droves to support us.”
”If they’re watching: NASA, you can send me up [to the space] anytime. I’m pretty smart, I can probably fix some.”
”So he looks down and sees this wonderful man. He hops down there and he smooches that man right on the face. Right in front of everyone.”
”[about his Why Women Kill character] I think Scooter is great. I fucking love Scooter and I want the best for Scooter, and I hope you do too.”
”[about the physical training process for Sh] When I first started, I was running the first thing in the morning and running when I got home. Kinda running myself ragged there and eating a diet mostly consisting of chicken and maybe some vegetables.”
”[about the fans] Oh man, they’re so endlessly supportive and I do see their messages, I do see what they write, you know, as much as I can within reason.”
”Those are the things people love about each other. Those little subtle things. You know, those little things. It’s not the grand moments of this and that, it’s the things they do everyday that make you feel connected to them.”
”BTS interview with me and my mop of hair.”
”[about the hair and makeup process for Sh] The only thing that took a long time was I had to shave every day. That was a pain in the butt.”
”We got better at the whole process [of putting the runes on] and it didn’t take [more than] a few minutes for mine. The neck rune was the only one that we had to focus on as it’s so prominent so you want it in the same spot. But midway through s2, it was like 3 minutes maximum.”
”[about the months leading to the cancellation of Sh] I had my own theories related to a variety of business decisions going on at the time with different moves that had to be made, so at one point midway through the season I said something doesn’t make sense.”
”Tune in at 8pm on Monday nights on FreeForm to watch Shadowhunters and your two favourite people: me and Alec.”
”[about acting in Breathe In, which Matt considers his first real acting job] I have a certain pride in that, because I was able to quickly adapt and adjust for what was kind of alien to me, so I’m pretty proud of that.”
”[about acting] Obviously it’s very appealing and I’ve come to love it. It’s a part of my life now in a way that I can’t imagine ever having not gone into it. I mean, it’s kind of terrifying to think the alternative option.”
”[about the Sh cast] I noticed they were young and I guess I was young too at the time, but I was older and felt like the old man here. But when I met them they were all lovely, and it was the biggest surprise, everyone was kind and friendly and just a great group of kids.”
”[Magnus & Harry] You need someone who’s capable of portraying a very unusual character but someone who’s complex. He’s over the top but honest & true to who he is, so getting Harry was a big win & we were very excited as it meant we had a great & accomplished entertainer.”
”[about a golden retriever puppy] Marry me.”
”Hello Finland! I wanna go to Finland. When I go to Latvia maybe I’ll pop over for Finland.”
”[while playing the Werewolf game] Gimme those damn cards! You take too long [to deal the cards]!”
”[at the beginning of a game panel] I’m warm. I’m warm. I’m hot, baby, I’m hot and ready.”
”Sometimes there are scenes where you have to cry or be near tears and you are connecting with it, & that actually feels satisfying & you feel good, but then there are times you have to cry & don’t necessarily feel that reaction is appropriate ’cause it’s a forced fake emotion.”
”I had a pretty good video [about animals] but I uhh... I pressed the wrong button. So.... yeah.”
”I'm ashamed to admit I lied about the selfies. The phone is 98% cow pictures and I can't delete them. I need a new phone. Forgive me.”
”[Matt’s hidden talent] Really, really good at eating sticky oily things out of a smoking hot iron pan.”
”[what does he miss from Sh] I mean I miss all- everyone was dressed in such tight pants. I just miss seeing all those butts. So many booties. There was just butts everywhere. [...] It was butt time, all the time. Isaiah has the best butt. Butts all the time.”
”[his favourite place to visit] The Natural History Museum in New York. They have a gem I want to steal. But I won't. Winky face.”
”[his biggest fear] Food poisoning. I hate it. I hate it so much. And you know what's weird? High end restaurants are most often the guilty ones.”
”I probably curse too often. It's fun to do with friends, enemies, when you fall down, when you watch sports...all the time really. It's just kinda great. But if anyone reads this, don't curse. It's bad, and if you all start doing it all the time it won't be as fun when I do it.”
”Oh, we’re loving the support [from the fans] and it has been there since day one and it keeps getting better and better so we’re thrilled.”
”[about sharing Shadowhunters spoilers on live streams] Our bosses are super nice so they probably wouldn’t yell at us but they’d probably say ’hey Matt, can you not tell everyone things you’re not supposed to tell them’”.
”Everybody wants to sort of help others -you know at least good people in general- but you also have trouble kind of focusing on yourself sometimes and I think that’s sort of a transition you go through over the course of your life.”
”We all know people who have to deal with issues with their love lives and personal lives and their families and work life and try to juggle all these things while at the same time, you know, trying to work on yourself.”
”[about Trust] Watch it with your significant other and then get into a serious argument about who was wrong and who was right, and then one of you can sleep on the couch.”
”Go get vaccinated as soon as you can, as soon as it is available.”
”@/CatDaddario came over and microwaved gross food. Esther is lighting a candle. Smells worse than wet werewolf. #ShadowhuntersChat
”[talking about Emeraude, the context being partying] She brought— this one night, we were all getting ready to go out, and she brought Oreos. This girl craaaazyyyyyyyy.”
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