So what's the politics of Ganapati special trains for Konkan from Maharashtra? Here's a sequence of events from beginning. On July 23 @Central_Railway seeks opinion of Maharashtra govt led by @CMOMaharashtra
@OfficeofUT & Transport Minister @advanilparab on it. This is the letter
In response, Director, Disaster Management Unit, Maharashtra in their letter dated 7.8.2020 informed that special trains may be scheduled to the Konkan Region for the Ganapati Festival.
The CR then immediately scheduled the special trains and sent for Railway Board’s approval. Railway Board approved on August 9 subject to following the Standard Operations Procedure (SOP) of Ministry of Home Affairs & Inter-District travel norms of the Maharashtra Government
However, senior officials of Maharashtra government asked CR officials verbally on telephone on Saturday 8th August night to keep on hold the schedule of running of special trains as the matter was under reconsideration of Maharashtra Government saying they would advise later.
Since then, Rlys at Board & zonal level remain in continuous touch with Maharashtra officials, awaiting a go ahead, but they seem to be avoiding calls. CR then reminds them, this time in writing, but still no response. Maha govt tells media it has no issues with Ganapati trains!
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