wuko and why they’re a spectacular ship: a thread because i can
1) grumpy/sunshine trope! mako is a bit of a cranky guy, which directly contrasts with wu’s cheerful and extroverted personality!! i mean seriously mako looks like he make babies cry he’s so grumpy
- and wu obviously softens him up by the end of book 4 when they’ve warmed up to one another!! they’re at HUGGING levels.
2) princess/pauper trope! while mako isn’t necessarily poor anymore, he did come from a background of poverty and a whole lot of shady shit. he’s put up some walls because of this! wu, on the other hand, is literally royalty. he’s spoiled, loud and wears his heart on his sleeve
- and while sometimes he’s unintentionally obnoxious, he never treats mako any lesser than him, even though mako works for him which brings me to-
3) bodyguard/royalty trope! bodyguard gets to know royalty on a deeper and more personal level and sees more than the public sees! royalty learns more about his own people and surroundings because of a perspective so near to him!
4) bender/non bender! mako is a powerful firebender while wu is not. however, mako is a regular civilian while wu is a political savvy and royalty. with this, people would argue that there’s not really a power imbalance here, and it’s shown in the show
- and comics that they treat each other as equals and friends (and perhaps more....)
also mako literally carried wu bridal style he really didn’t have to do that. he could’ve just pushed him but noooo he HAD to pick him up. only other person he carried like that was korra who was his GIRLFRIEND do you see where i’m going with this
finally, i will share some propaganda because that’s just what i do
okay i’m done now
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