One more thing while I'm venting:

How, HOW, has it been that the politicians destroying the UK have managed to claim to be patriots, and decry their detractors as traitors? HOW?
How can those who have shamed their country on the international stage, who have literally turned their backs on our European neighbours in a show of teenage petulance, how can they be the patriots?
How can those who have kicked their own country out of the market square, like sulking cheats caught leaning on the scales, be the patriots?
How can those who wish to renege on their treaty commitments, and not pay their fair share of jointly-accrued bills - damaging their country's standing, and capacity to negotiate, for a generation - be the patriots?
How can those who no longer wish their citizens to benefit from international standards of human rights, or standards of animal welfare or food production or freedoms to travel and trade or, or, or...

How can THEY be the patriots?
Get outta here.

They are the shameless, corrupt, criminal wreckers of our country.

The patriots are the future politicians who rebuild, who painstakingly restore our international standing,
Who bring us back to the top tables, who open us back up to trade, rule of law, freedoms, and above all international responsibility and cooperation.
Who bring us, internally, closer together through leadership and vision, and a commitment to fairness, education, opportunity and community.

Who rebuild the notion of a 'deal' with ourselves - our state - in which we pay when we can so that we can take when we must.
The guys who do that.

Get Britain cooperating again, with itself and with the world.

Those will be the true patriots.
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