I find there are so few prominent English pundits and football reporters who actually have knowledge of other teams and leagues outside England. The worse thing is that it's ingrained in people here to be insular. It's as if the PL is be-all end-all and little else exists.
It's too often the case those speaking/writing about foreign teams appear ignorant and lacking knowledge. You'll see baseless statements made which just aren't true. There's that smugness of the PL is the almighty and almost all others are inferior. It's difficult to understand.
Just yesterday a lot of bs was said about PSG and Ligue 1.

Admittedly PSG do run French football but they often endure difficult matches - especially in cup finals. Teams play all systems and styles against them. Neymar gets kicked more now than ever before. Watch the games!
I think BT Sport is failing as a serious sports provider - particularly football. Before the match they do inane mimicking of one of their presenters. The lack of good commentators and pundits on this station is alarming. Mostly ex-players who rarely say anything insightful.
BT Sport main commentator is Darren Fletcher who frequently says baffling things, like when Sevilla drew 0-0 at home to MU - a game they dominated, he said Sevilla have a mountain to climb. Last night he was surprised how well Atalanta played as he expected PSG to breeze to final
It's expected there would be some bias to home country teams but the level of bias is staggering. I have the feeling most just agree with each other as that's what they think is right. Stephen Warnock thought former European Champions Red Star were part timers. Level of punditry.
The only way the standard of football debate and analysis can be raised in the UK is by pointing out the failings. It's not acceptable in 2020 with technology and information available to be so clueless about something pundits get paid to talk about. @SkyFootball @btsportfootball
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