Do you have skills you can share in #STEMCareers, #EqualityDiversityInclusion, #Policy&Advocacy, or #WideningParticipation for the Finding Ada Virtual Conference? Send us your talk & workshop proposals 1/5
Give a 25 min talk on new ideas, concepts, or knowledge; a 25 min workshop on increasing skills; or a 5 min Ignite presentation (20 slides changing automatically every 15 seconds), focused on one big idea, experience, or concept. 2/5
Talks & workshops on #WideningParticipation could cover:

• encouraging girls to see STEM as ‘for them’
• addressing specific challenges faced by girls & women in STEM
• breaking down barriers and improve equality in STEM

What else do you want to hear about? 3/5
Talks or workshops on #CareerDevelopment could cover:

• setting career goals
• applying for promotion
• improving confidence

What would you do? Tell us at 4/5
Talks & workshops on #PolicyAdvocacy could cover:

• writing job ads to attract more women
• removing bias in the hiring process
• equity in promotion policies
• how to attract & support returners

Submit a proposal: 5/5
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