Louisiana now tracking the source & #cases of #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 outbreaks:

Very nice to see the breakdown of # outbreaks & # cases as we can also take a look at how 'super-spread-y' different settings possibly could be

We can sort this by # outbreaks & # cases to have a quick look at what ends up on top - it's perhaps not surprising - industry, bars, restaurants, food processing. (Retail surprising?)

But another interesting aspect - casinos & uni had small # outbreaks but large # cases...

We can add avg # cases per #COVID19 outbreak to look at how big an outbreak might be in different settings. Unis & casinos float to top here, along with food processing.

Worth thinking about impacts of places w many small outbreaks vs fewer larger outbreaks.

Finally, same thing but sorted by # cases first.

Important to remember that large outbreaks often easier to find/trace & some settings have more 'focus' than others.

But overall, interesting insight into where #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 'risky' places might be

Another interesting way of visualising this data!: https://twitter.com/Christian_Ruiz_/status/1293849141186105345
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