Is Hong kong turning out to be a thorn in the eyes of Dragon, and a big hindrance to it's ambitious plan of expansion as China is desperately trying to spread it's tentacles all over Asia & prove its dominance & power by suppressing revolt.
In the Recent uprisings & protests that are happening in Hong kong since June last year because of the new law of extradition of it to Mainland China. China is trying to include Hong Kong in its domain. (2/n)
Protests are barred in China,people cannot raise their dissent out there whereas for Hong Kong protests are special rights that civilians are having out there . It runs under one country two systems arrangement where it has autonomy & this people have more rights(3/n)
It was ruled by Britain till 1997 , and then handed over to China. China is trying to change the law forcibly with power & might & bring Hong Kong under it's umbrella which will take away the special rights of its citizens. (4/n)
On the other hand,Jimmy Lai is one of the big business tycoons & Media mogul in Hong Kong. He owns the famous clothing brand Giordano & runs a big media company & newspaper " Apple Daily'. Its circulation is very huge & has a wide reach in Hong Kong.
Apple daily is famous for publishing the important news of China,which are kept secret as China never allows such type of News to come out its Country. The Communist Party of China controls the media houses out there and the restrictions don't allow flow of information.(6/n)
Apple daily had published the Corruption that was going in the government of China in all the levels. Recently they published a news that Dongfeng Motor Corporation had supplied substandard low quality military vehicles to Chinese Army (7/n)
These low quality military vehicles was one of the major reason of Chinese Army being defeated in the recent Galwan valley clashes in disputed LAC. China tried best to suppress this important news from its people & whole world. (8/n)
But somehow Apple daily got hold of this important news from it sources & it published it. Apple daily earlier too had exposed the huge corruption that was going in the Chinese government by its officials. (9/n)
Frustrated & angered by such activities of the publication house & fear of getting exposed in the world, Jimmy lai was arrested on 10 August by Chinese officials. China in a act of desperation tried to suppress the voice but failed miserably. (10/n)
This resulted in the Backlash of the people & more no of protests took place in support of him. They demanded the immediate release of Jimmy lai otherwise face consequences. He became a hero for them overnight. (11/n)
Stock price of Hong Kong tabloid Apple Daily's parent company surged by 1,100%.This was a bolt from the blue moment for China, they never expected this thing to happen. The entire population of Hong Kong showed their unity & stood behind him rock solid. (12/n)
Fearing repercussions & the Image of China being badly hit he was released yesterday after huge pressure & was given a heroes welcome.The power of unity of the people led to this unprecedented move by China. (13/n)
The weakness of China was exposed to the entire world after this incident, that it fears protest & unity ,it's allergic to it & cannot tolerate it at all. "Jimmy Lai" will grow more strong in the coming days. (14/n)
He is going to be a prominent figure of revolution fighting against the atrocities of China. In the upcoming days it is expected more such interesting events will happen which will shake China's dominance & give sleepless nights to them.
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