#OnThisDay in 1899, the Master of Suspense Alfred Hitchcock was born... here's a small trivia thread on him-
Drop your favourite Hitchcockian thrillers in the comments
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1. When Robert Bloch’s 'Psycho' novel was published in 1959,Hitchcock bought all the copies to keep the plot twists under wraps... much before MCU,Hitchcock showed the great lengths a filmmaker can go just to avoid the plot being leaked
2. For the iconic & infamous Shower scene of Psycho(which btw was the 1st movie to show a toilet flush!) Hitchcock himself had to do the stabbing actions after Anthony Perkins was unavailable & shots from his body double didn't produce enough scare on Janet Leigh's face
3. Due to the nature of violence & controversy involved in Psycho,Walt Disney loathed the movie,which was one of the reasons he didn't allow Hitchcock to film in Disneyland

4. Although not visible in his work but,he had a greatly influenced by Charlie Chaplin

5. He directed Britain's 1st talkie film,'Blackmail' in 1929

6. He often sites 'The Shadow of Doubt' to be his favourite film that he has directed

7.Although known for suspense/thriller/horror movies,he has also directed his only pure comedy movie- Mr. & Mrs. Smith

8. Known for his habit to play with his audience,he cameoed in 40 of his films. Later when he realised audience were deviated from the plot just to search for his cameo,he began to make them earlier-with first 15-30 mins of the movie.
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9. In & around the Atomic Bomb explosion,he made a movie titled 'Notorious', which involved spies & uranium in the backdrop. He even tried to learn how to make an atomic bomb. All these led him to come under the suspicion radar of the FBI.
10. He was nominated for 5 competitive Oscars but never won one. He was however awarded with an Honorary Oscar in 1968 where he infamously delivered one of the shortest Oscar Speeches- "Thank you... very much indeed"

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