1. it recognises that we can’t address climate without conserving nature, and commits the government to actively protect and restore wild places – both for climate and for #conservation
2. It obliges the UK to take responsibility for impacts of our consumption abroad as well as in the UK – in terms of both emissions and biodiversity loss

Full supply chain accounting. This closes a big loophole for emissions, and could be massive for conservation #CEEbill
3. It makes no allowance for as-yet-nonexistent negative emissions technologies. Instead of magic and wishful thinking, we will have to radically cut emissions and restore natural carbon sinks #CEEbill
4. It promotes direct democracy in the form of #CitizensAssemblies. We simply can’t let the future of the planet rest in the hands of politicians, and citizen’s assemblies are a powerful and effective tool
Actually there are 5, I forgot soils! (always)

But the #CEEbill doesn't - it highlights the importance of soils as carbon stores and ecosystems in their own right, and obliges gov. to conserve & restore them
Some amazing scientists have worked on this bill, incl. @DaveGoulson, @KevinClimate & @JamesGDyke - this is legislation that does what the science demands, not what politicians think is politically expedient

This needs to become law
#CEEbill @CEEbill_NOW
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