i’m 100% sure the ambiguity about how many members were attending soba was intentional.

their goal as a show is to maximize views & the way u maximize views is by letting us think that ot4 is showing up
solo stans exist & they’ll only tune in if their fave is showing up. hence why hinting at ot4 is important
even their late announcement for wendy not attending is intentional.

if ur a hardcore wendy solo stan, you’ve already cleared ur schedule to watch for the possibility of wendy showing up days in advance
after the late announcement goes up abt wendy not attending, some wendy solo stans may still tune in. bc hey, what the heck, they’ve already cleared their schedule for it !!

it all leads back to money y’all 💰
cuz i used it in this thread https://twitter.com/umpahrights/status/1293832594363056128
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