people really don’t know how hard it is to deal with your own mental illnesses. when someone’s sad for a few days, they say that they’re depressed, as if being sad is the only symptom of being depressed. when someone’s not in the mood to talk to people, they say that they’re-
socially anxious, as if just not talking to people is the only syptom of having social anxiety. when someone’s got mood swings for a day, they say they got borderline, as if mood swings are the only symptom of borderline. when someone’s more stressed than usual, they say they got
anxiety as if being stressed is the only symptom of anxiety. don’t say u got an mental illness if u don’t feel urself for a day. it’s normal for feeling different some days than others. but don’t make it harder for the people who are struggling with mental illnesses for only
being “sad”, “not in the mood to talk to people”, “mood swings” or “feeling stressed”. it’s already hard for people to deal with their own mental illnesses and if other people who haven’t been diagnosed make it seem “easy” to have a mental illness it’s not making anything better
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