King of Sin

Kirishima Eijirou lives a simple farm life with his cousin and his wife and they are happy. The town in in the middle of a drought, so when word gets round that a traveling preacher can not only heal the sick but bring back the rain Eijirou cant help but he curious.
Kirishima Eijirou x Bakugou Katsuki
Various side ships

Warnings include:
Descriptions of blood
Bad grammer and spelling
Slow burn. Maybe.
Probably some iffy noncon?
The south.
Kirishima Eijirou groaned as he straightened his back. the sun was hot as he'll fire on his neck and the sweat was rolling down his face and burning his eyes. hed shed his shirt and unbucked his overalls long ago, tucking the straps in under the tool belt.
his arms were covered from fingertip to elbow in grease and dirt but he didnt mind, it made the satisfaction of a job well done all that much sweeter.
he needed to get the tractor working again before he lost to much more of the day. he was only half way done breaking up the dirt in the new field and he really didn't want to have to make the oxen do it. it was too hot, they would loose one to the
heat for sure and they couldn't afford to loose any more animals. he had already found one of the older cows bloated and attracting flies at the bottom of the field that morning. the second one that week and it was only Wednesday.
he hisses as his hand slipped on a wrench and his knuckle collided with the hot metal, splitting the skin. he curses and kicked the ground, throwing down the wrench. the old tractor was out to get him and he knew it but there was no way his cousin had the money to replace it.
they barely had money to feed their family as it was.

Eijirou worked for pennies, and he wouldn't accept a cent more. he had a comfortable bed in a room all his own in the back of the barn. it was warm in winter and even warmer in summer and smelt of the animals,
and maybe every now and then hed find the chickens roosting with his pots and pans but it was all he could ever want.
he stolled over to the nearby horse troth and dunked his head in and let the cool water wash away the salt from his eyes. he pushed his hair back away from his eyes as he dries himself off with an old red bandana and then wraps it around his sticking hand. he stared at the
tractor trying to figure out his next step when his cousins old pickup truck pulled into the drive way some distance away and the silver haired man hopped out and made his way over to him, with what he hoped was the rust desolver in his hands.
Eijirou wondered why Tetsutetsu had insisted on going to the store when he was much better with machines, though it probably had something to do with his wife working in the hair salon in the shop next door. its probably also why a trip that should have taken an hour
had taken three.

"took ya long enough." Eijirou crossed his arms over his burned chest.

"yeah well im her' now ain't i?" Tetsutetsu grinned. "cant drive all the wait into town and not say hi to the Mrs. aint polite."
"you just hopin' shes sweet on you tonight is what it is." Eijirou teased, grabbing the desolver spray out of Tetsutetsus hands and immediately jumping back at the disobedient tractor.
"that aint got nuthin' to do with it." Tetsutetsu laughed. Eijirou scoffed. Tetsutetsus wife was as pregnant as they could be without bursting and his cousins anxiety and frustration was hard to miss. the two had hardly been wed a month then they announced the pregnancy.
Six months later Ashido was about as round as a first calf heifer. the numbers didn't really add up in Eijirous head but Tetsutetsu insisted it was just cause it was a real big baby.
"yeah well this tractor aint givin me nothin' but grief." immediately the corroded bolts started easily turning and Eijirou was able to get into the guts of the machine. "i aint even made a dent in this here field, we got that big ol' boulder to blast up
still out on the south pasture, and your dumb bulls been tryin to eat the wire again so we got a hole in the fence 'bout as big as your big lazy arse."
Eijirous brow furrowed as he gazed into the tractor seeing not one but a few issues and dragged over their box if replacement parts. "well its a good thing i got you." Tetsutetsu grinned already rolling up his sleeves to help Eijirou with the
tractor. they would work through the day together until the sun went down, by that time Ashido would have returned home on the bus and would have dinner ready for them.
Eijirou would probably bathe tonight if he remembered, he had a nice outhouse he'd built for himself. he'd saved up and bought himself one of those real fancy shower heads people had in the movies, hed hooked it up to an old troth and hoised the thing up high. all he had
to do was boil the water from the well and hed be as clean as a preachers palms in no time. The house had running water but it was expensive and his cousin usually shared a bath with his wife to save water. Eijirou had no interest wading whatever lukewarm mud his cousin left.
Tetsutetsu jumped onto the tractor once Eijirou was done trading out the spark plugs and the engine roared to life once more. Eijirou slammed shut the hood with a grin, jumping onto the back of the tractor as Tetsutetsu turned it out towards the dirt field.
the ground was dry and cracked but deep under soil was rich, all it needed was some work and water, so with Tetsutetsu driving the tractor and Eijirou keeping the plow straight they had that earth overturned and breathing again in no time. they rested again before moving
onto the next task, taking time to rest a few aching old joints and sunburned backs, both men forgoing shirts in the heat. Eijirou hates to question the lord will looking out at the plowed field he wonders, it aint done so much as spit on em in over a year and the
well wasn't gonna fill itself. the last years crop had barely gotten by and the cows would be drying up soon too. he wasnt sure who was forgetting their prayers at night but they better cut it out soon.
the day passed as it always did. the cousins worked the fields, they decided to put off blowing up the gaint boulder in the old corn field for another day to fix the fence in the bull pen. tomorrow the farrier was coming by to trim down the herds
hooves and they were going to need to use the field. they had finished wiring up the posts by lamp light but they would be able to rest knowing the job was done.
Eijirou quickly pulled out the shoot for the cattle and greased the drop bar so it would be ready in the morning before following Tetsutetsu into the house where just as expected, Ashido waddled around the kitchen, pouring cold beers for the men and loading the table with a
meat pie big enough to feed the church.
Eijirou joined hands with his cousin and his wife and they spoke a quick prayer of thanks over the meal before hungry bellies got the better of them. Ashido served their plates first then hers, dropping down into her chair with a groan.
Eijirou wanted to tell her he had purchased an old ice cream maker from the neighbor and had pulled an old gear from the tool shed. Tetsutetsu had traded a nice old watch for a bag of sugar and they were going to try their hand at making her some ice cream as a treat when
they had a chance, but it was a suprise and Eijirou had sworn to secrecy. the poor round thing hasn't let up a bit on her pretty face through her pregnancy and Eijirou thought she looked pretty tough strutting down the street looking as pretty as a peach dragging
Tetsutetsus titanic spawn around in her belly.

"So the preachers boy came round the salon today, says they got word that there's a traveling healer coming through town soon. says hes coming all the way from New York city, says hes been gifted the healing touch. imagine that!
someone from the city coming all the way down here to us folk. I hope he comes by the salon, I've been working on some new looks for the girls."
"what you want with someone like that? cities aint got nothing but noise." Eijirou mumbled. "we don't need no new preacher, aint got no problem with the one we got. and I c'aint think of nothing he got to say that I aint already read in the book
myself. dont need some big city showman tellin me how to pray. from what I hear they aint doin a lot of prayin' in them cities anyway."
"I just think its mighty kind of someone like that to think of us simple folk is all!" Ashido snapped. "jus' cause your happy living in the dirt dont mean i gotta. Aint so long ago you was dreaming of stadium lights."
"Thats enough." Tetsutetsu spoke smoothly, silencing the table, Eijirou not looking up from meal. his bummed knee aching at its vague mention. if God aint healed his knee by now aint no one gonna, he was just gonna live with one lame leg and that was that.
they finished their meal and Eijirou put off his bath for another night and headed straight to bed. kneeling slowly by his bed, his leg shaking as he knelt down. alone he was able to let the hurt show freely. with head bowed and hands knitted he prayed for rain, health, and his
family before crawling into bed and tucked into his straw matress he closed his eyes.
A cloud of dust approached the town lead by a shiny black car and several large SUVs leading to a very large tour bus, big enough to house a choir, roared down the main street making the glass from the shop windows shake.

they pulled into the large lot that heald the small
wooden church, the vehicles circling like vultures before parking with a rehearsed efficiency along that broad white wall of the church. out piled the congregation and crew of the massive operation and they immediately started their survey of the lot that they would be using. the
door to the church were yanked open and out stepped the scowling pastor.

the tall red haired and scarfaced man's boots hit the steps and then stone ground to loudly it could be heard over the roar of the engines. "What is going on here!"

A absolutely tiny woman with a
asymmetrical purple hair cut walked right up to the pastor with a headset around her neck, wires falling down her torso and plugged into a box on her belt, and the mother of all clipboards in her hands. she yelled over the roar of the crowd and car engines. "Are you Pastor Enji

"What!" Enji bent down to try and hear the woman, the only one paying his distress any attention. "What is all this?!"

"Good! Were can we put the generator? do you have a basement?"

"Yes we have a- Who are you people!" Enji roared at the woman who raised a confused
eyebrow, and comically at that moment the massive tour buss rolled past behind her. the side printed with an absolutely ridiculous imagage of a blonde man holding a microphone surrounded by doves, lights and pretty much every elementary religious symbol known
to the judeo-christian ideology. as well as in large orange letters "KATSUKI BAKUGOU LIVE".
"Sir, we are here at invitation. now how do we get to the basement?" Enji glared down at the girl and turned away on his heel. His youngest son was standing at the doors watching the chaos with an amused curiosity. "Shouto!"

"yes father." Shoutos raised an eye
brow as he took in the bus. Enji turned, to see what was so interesting, just in time to see the door open at the front of the bus and out strolled the very same man in the advertisement. he was dressed in the darkest black Enji had ever seen, the frowned as the
dust from the ground failed to even seem to touch the mans shoes. while if Enji looked down at his old brown loafers were practically caked in it. the man known as Katsuki Bakugou grinned out over the chaos surrounding him and his eyes locked immediately with Enjis.
he brought his hand up to his chest and gave a short bow, then waving and disappearing to the crowd.
"Get me Mayor Toshinori on the phone." Enji nudged the boy back into the church and he locked the doors behind them.

it didn't take long for the Mayor pull up the the church in his wood paneled truck. He stepped out of spidery leg at a time, his wife sliding
out from the passenger seat. a police car pulled up seconds after and the mayors stepson and sheriffs deputy climbed out if the drivers seat. Enji was standing at the top of the stairs arms crossed as he waited for the Mayor to approach him.
"if your nice you are more likely to get what you want father." Shouto stood in a mirrored pose to his fathers.

"why should I. I didn't vote for him." Enji glared watching the crippled lawman and his smiling family walked up the steps to the church. Shouto rolling his eyes,
it being common knowledge that the only person who hadn't voted for Mayor Toshinori had been Pastor Enji who had voted for himself.

"Enji, how are you." Mayor Toshinori opened his arms wide and embraced a statuesque Pastor Enji.
"Get these people off my churches property." Enji growled.

"Come. let's talk inside." Mayor Toshinori guided the angry pastor into the building. "I Would love some of Fuyumis sweet tea, how is the darling girl." The mayor and the pastor disappeared into the church
leaving, Shouto with Sherrif Deputy Izuku Midorya (whose hands seemed to permanently rest on his belt as he looked out over the sea of people setting up a stage in the field across from the church) and the Mayors wife; Inko.
Shouto strolled over to the deputy and shoved his hands in his own pockets. "Your father forgot to mention the guest pastor was also a rockstar."

"so did you apparently. " Izuku raised an eye brow at the pastors son.

Shouto shrugged. "slipped my mind."
they watched as a crane unfolded its self and a crucifix almost as tall as the church was lifted from the back of a flat bed. neither of them were sure who this Katsuki Bakugou was but the town needed something to help them out in this slump and the man was obviously popular and
would draw in people from the surrounding towns, hopefully bringing some business to the starved towns pockets. "Come on. let's go meet this Katsuki Bakugou."
The town was in a frenzy. word had gotten around about the guest pastor and once the people had gotten a extravagant arena being built that totally dwarfed the small school house church across the street it became instant chaos. Katsuki Bakugou was everywhere. From Dvds and
posters and his own book (that had a rather ridiculous cover). girls gathered in groups around where a massive tent was being hoised up. some of the older citizens joined the crowd to awe at the massive display.

"Now there is a boy who has found the right path in life."
"doesn't keep a single cent i heard."

A paint chipped old truck pulled up behind the crowd, the bed filled high with bundles of fresh shorn wool, and sat atop that Eijirou looked on with a skeptical awe at the rising scaffolding in a lot that hadn't hosted more than a farmers

"well shit would ya look at that." Tetsutetsus arm smacked the outer side of the trucks door and whistled.

"Tetsutetsu! watch your mouth were at church." Ashido smacked his arm, her eyes looking out for Pastor Enji but also looking out for the visitor.
"We aint at church woman were in my truck!" Tetsutetsu groaned.

"What reason a preacher got for all this stuff. looks like a circus, all you need for a church is a bible." Eijirou grumbled but he looked out at the magnificent structures with wide eyes, looking at the
construction workers climbing along the scofolding like it was nothing. he had never been that high up off the ground before. he bet they could see his farm all the way from here from up there.
"hey look up there Eijirou, they got welders maybe they looking for some labor. what you think? maybe we could even get a new engine for that tractor." Tetsutetsus eyes gazed up hopefully at the men in welding helmets rigged to the scafolding high in the air.
"sure ill take their money." Eijirou chuckled. his foot coming up to rest on the side of the truck bed the second the crowd started screaming. the young deputy was walking along with Pastor Enjis son and the man whose face he had seen plastered on every surface down the
mainstreet and even in his mailbox.

"oh look there he is! Pastor Katsuki! oh isnt he handsome! I always wanted to be a ministers wife." Ashido sighed dreamily as she watched the group pass by. Katsuki Bakugou talking intently with the two other men and pointing out
towards the construction. they all laughed about something Shouto had said. ignoring the screaming and swooning girls. Tetsutetsu turned in his seat to stare at Ashido, she returned his deadpan look. "what you looking at me for."

"I your husband aint I."
"yeah for now." Ashido laughed, kissing him on the cheek and sitting straight. "now let's get goin. this baby of yours kicking me right in the bladder."

Eijirou couldnt tear his eyes away from the minister. Katsuki Bakugou stood there in the middle of all that
mud and dirt in a suit so dark it was like the sun dare not touch it. but his hair was so bright, it made Eijirous eyes crinkle. the man was ethereal. the truck jerked and Eijirou had to steddy himself atop the wool bales. just at that moment Katsuki Bakugou looked out from his
conversation with a grin and his eyes met Eijirou. the truck began to drive away but their gaze stayed locked.
Eijirou stomach felt like fire, his toes felt like ice. and as the truck left Katsuki Bakugou smirked, waved, and turned back to the crowd. he waved directly at Eijirou. and Eijirous heart fluttered.
"its not a good idea."

"you always say that." Katsuki pushed his various suits from one side of his closet to the other, looking for the one he wanted. his hands gently tugged at the Armani but that was hardly the look he was going for. he was looking for his
"Father's Suit". it wasn't actually his fathers suit, but it did the trick. to be honest he wasnt sure if his father even owned a suit, the man had worn a pastel polo and khakis everyday of Katsukis life. no, he needed the suit he described in his book. a tattered boxy thing with
patched elbows and a torn lining. this was a salt of the earth town with salt of the earth people and he needed to be more than just approachable if he was going to get what he wanted from this town. he needed to be one of them.
he pulled out the dark brown suit from between a Brioni and his dark blue Burberry. his fingers moved over the rough cotton before he started stripping in his RVs hallway. his stage manager Kyoka Jirou standing unamused at the other
end, her clil board in hand and head set clamped over one ear. "and every time i go out its fine! I won't be alone, ive got that deputy eating out of my hand already and even that pastors son seems to be taking a liking to me."
"yeah until they get to know you." Kyoka snorted and snapped in reply to some garbled nonsense that came through her radio. "just be careful. id like to actually make some money here before we run out of time."
"we have all the time in the world my darling." Katsuki ran his fingers through his hair before kissing Kyoka on the cheek as he bounded past her to the door. "remember its not about the money..."
"...its about saving souls." she rolled her eyes but looked on affectionately as he grabbed his shoulder bag and jumped down the sleps.

"exactly." Katsuki tapped the toe of his pair of worn brown shoes into the dirt. he hated wearing them when he had a perfectly good pair
but again he needed to be able to relate and there probably wasn't a man in this town with a new pair of shoes. he pushed open the buttons of his shirt to expose his chest how he liked and shoving his hands in his pockets he made his way through the chaos around him. they
were hanging lights, using the dark as a tool, and it was so bright the light blocked out the stars.
he enjoyed the walk down the church road and onto to the main street. there were a few homes along the way and he could see through their windows and got glimpses of their lives, lives he wasnt part of. the first was the home of the church pastor. and
some of his family seemed to be watching television together, but there was a second light in an upstairs window, a figure was moving beyond it. the pastor working on his sermons alone while his family laughed downstairs. Katsuki grinned and moved on slowly.
the bright lights the main street drew close and finally his shoes landed on cement instead of dirt. the warn soles clicking with each step, he listened to the crickets but it was his nose that led him to a large diner. inside there was laughter and music, people lingered
near parked cars smoking and while inside men at the bar drinking and smiling while teens shared milk shakes, women gathered around a juke box and twirled in colorful dresses while they clung to small glasses of wine.
Katsuki smiled and licked his lips as he watched a waiter bring an absolutely massive hamburger out of the kitchen and place it on a table. he strolled into the dinner and like in any good western, the place froze at his entrance.

He grinned wide and waved at the
people, having done this routine a hundred times he walked right up to the bar and ordered a beer. the bar keep tripping over his feet to serve. Katsuki cleared his throat. as a beer was placed in his hand and he took a sip, trying to get a good look at the people in the room.
"excuse me- Pastor Katsuki! over here! sorry- excuse me!" it was the deputy sherrif Izuku Midorya, inching his way through the crowd. "we have a table back here if your like to join us."

Katsuki nodded and bringing his beer with him followed Izuku
through the spectators and joined him and a rather full booth. Katsuki nodded to the group, waiting for introductions to be made as he was squashed onto the bench.
"Everyone im sure you've all heard of Pastor Katsuki Bakugou, he's here to help out our town at the request of the mayor. if what I've heard is correct his shows gonna being in so much interest why we might all go on vacation. don't that sound nice." Izuku smiled bright.
there was a woman to his side, across from katsuki who didn't look entirely convinced.
"nice to meet ya' Pastor Bakugou. Im Sherrif Ochako Uraraka. I've been waitin' ta' meet ya every since my fiance her came home singing yer praises." She heald out her hand and Katsuki shook it.
"Katsuki or Pastor Katsuki is just fine for me. were all gods children here." he spoke as rehearsed.

"Pastor Katsuki." the woman nodded.
"oh and you haven't met Tenya Iida, the schools sports coach, they are trying for state this year, closest they have come in a decade!" Katsuki shook the athletic man's hand. sports coach in deed, he looked like an Olympian. "And of course Mrs. Momo Yaoyorozu, her
father owns the largest farm in the area, and practically half the town! and still she works as a school teacher!"

"thats quite enough Izuku." Momo heald her hand out to the pastor. "We are all very excited to have you here Pastor. My father has been
trying to get our town on the map for years and you being here will hopefully be a start on that endeavor."
"Make room or im drinking these myself." Katsuki looked up and the ministers son Shouto was standing there holding two large pitchers of beer. Katsuki immediately moved over to let the man join his group.

And Katsuki actually had a rather nice evening. the people of the town
were loud and friendly and they definitely enjoyed their beer. the under younger crowd filed out after 10 pm leaving the adults to relax a bit more. Katsuki was still sipping his first beer but had absolutely demolished a plate of hot wings that had been forced upon him.
he was leaned back in his seat relaxed, listening to the happy chatter of the town. but this wasn't just for fun. he was already at work, this was all part of his show. his ears perked up as someone at a different table spoke of a recently deceased relative but his
concentration was broken as a very pregnant woman came rushing over to the table absolutely frazzled.
"officer! officer! I'm so sorry... im so sorry but... but my husband and Eijirou they are at it again and-!" Katsukis eye twitched at the obnoxious pink of her... well everything. except for a pair of very yellow horned sunglasses resting a top her head looking like little horns.
"Oh Ashido it's no trouble." Izuku grinned as he, being the closest to the edge stood, Ochako grinning and sipping her beer, eyeing her husband's rear as he stood.
"I'm sorry! You know how they they get, I'm just scared they are gonna- oh my heart!" Ashido jumped nearly a foot in the air as she noticed Katsuki sitting there. her hands went straight to her hair, then to her
low collar on her dress. "I am so sorry, yall have company, oh Mr. Pastor Bakugou! It's a real pleasure to meet you! I'm Ashido, Ashido Mina and if you need a hair cut give me a call!"
she was obviously torn between whatever nonsense her husband was up to and her shock at being suprised by him. She waddled off after Izuku who was already rolling up the sleeves on his green flannel, as she was still talking to Katsuki.
"Is... will she be alright?" he asked the Sheriff who seemed much more intent on finishing her beer rather than helping out.
"oh yeah. her husband and his cousin just the rambunctious type and get themselves into stupid competitions all the time. its usually no harm till one of em tries to put their heads through the wall." She laughed.

Katsuki raised an eye brow curious,
he excused himself and walk after the depury who was easy to find. outside on the back patio, he was between two very large and very drunk men with twin shit eating grins on their faces. while both were young one looked like he had gone gray early while the others hair had
been dyed bright red (possibly a victim of the pink hairdresser).

Katsuki watched as the two men laughed at Izuku, the red head grabbing the deputy and rubbing his knuckles over his head. "Eijirou! stop it! you know this counts as assaultin a police officer!"
"what you gonna do bout it! have that fiancΓ© of yours' come and put us in cuffs?" the other one mocked, finishing off a beer and crushing the can on his skull.
"Tetsutetsu please! I'm gonna whip you silly when we get home!" Ashido stomped her foot at her husband and the man turned a dirty grin towards her.
"he ther' perdy thing... wanna let me take you to 'da corn field?" he slurred, but his hands gently ran over her pregnant belly as he kissed her cheek.
"I aint never going in that field again!" she laughed smacking his shoulders. they were fine. Katsuki sighed, but then he noticed how bruised the two men looked. now they were obviously farmers but he
could remember the last time he saw someone selling beets by the road with a black eye.
the red head released the deputy and laughed. chugging a beer and taking a bite out of what remained or a hamburger. "Guess you lose, T."
"the fuck you say little boy?" Ashido groaned as Tetsutetsu pulled away from her and wiped his mouth on the back of his sun kissed arm. "I aint lost to you since ever."

"Your gonna lie infront of the preacher man, cous?" The red head pointed at Katsuki, Tetsutetsu stumbling as he looked, trying to recognize the visitor.
"hey there preacher man." Tetsutetsu waved at Katsuki, before turning that same hand into a fist and landing it right on his cousins face.
Tetsutetsu barked a laugh as his cousin went down like a sack of bricks. Izuku curses and dropped down to where the drunk man on the floor grunted and sat up nursing a very bloody nose.

"Shit Tetsutetsu! What I do to you!"
"Aw fuck man!" Tetsutetsu was down by his cousin in seconds, pulling his own dirty wife beater over his head to use as a rag. Katsuki was so quick to pounce on the opertunity he beat the Deputy. this was going to cut his work load in half.
he knelt down infront of the bleeding man. "Hey there son, mind if I give ya' a hand."

"aint ya' son. parents named me Eijirou."

"Eijirou it is. you got yourself in a bit of a situation down here you wanna let me help you? bet I can fix that right up."
Katsuki already had his hands raised to Eijirous face ready to perform his miracle and solidify his place in this town. what he didnt expect was Eijirou to smack his hands away.
"Aint needin any of that Preacher man. Bleedin noses stop all their own." Eijirou grabbed his cousins arm and pulled himself up. "Save your gifts for someone who wants it."
he gave the slightest of sneers before joining his family as Ashido, threw apologize left and right and lead the two men away.

Katsuki sat in shock. no one had ever denied him before...
"Hey don't worry bout them." Izuku helped Katsuki to his feet. "They good boys, run an absolutely massive farm all by themselves. just shy round strangers."

Izuku clapped his shoulders and went back inside. Katsuki followed quietly. he had to know this Eijirou...
Sherrif Deputy Izuku Midorya stood with his hands in his pockets outside Pastor Katsuki Bakugous trailer, waiting to continue their tour of the town. after the incident at the diner Pastor Katsuki had insisted that he be introduced to the members of the community.
"societal pillars" he called them. Izuku had picked out a few and that morning they had already visited four different homes. His own included as his family extended to the town mayor. Katsuki had been pleasant through it all but Izuku could tell he was getting impatient,
the minister specifically requesting to visit the home of the two farm boys, Katsuki had stopped off at his trailer to change clothes. having stated that he didnt feel right walking through a field in dress shoes.
Katsuki hopped out of the trailer and he hardly looked like the same man, having traded in his slacks and jacket for cowboy boots and jeans. Izuku hadnt the heart to tell him that the boots were still the fancy dress kind, the heels were way to high and
the toes to pointed to be any good working. the pastor would have blisters as big as a fist by the end of the day.
the two piled into Izuku squad care and while the radio gently played music Izuku chattered on and on about the town and all its secrets. Katsuki was screaming in his head and the absolute nerd in the drivers seet tried to explain to him how the Non GMO market was actually
complete nonsense since most foods have genetically modified for hundreds of years. corn for example used to have e much larger uneven kernel and came in shades of purple and red but-
Katsuki tuned him out. he couldnt stand him. hed wring his neck if he could but he needed this town on his side and murder usually wasn't the first thing on his To-Do list. the squad car pulled onto a dirt road that lead to a rather cute looking farm house and an absolutely
massive barn. Katsuki tried to smile as he got out of the car but the smell of manure smacked him in the face so hard he had to grab the hood of the car.
"- and thats pretty much how he ended up there. kinds sad if you ask me."
random farm dogs looked up from their shaded spots but none of them seems interested in the new comers. "Called ahead, Tetsutetsu said to check the barn when we got here."
its wasnt had to find the two boys. all the had to do was follow the sound of banging metal. around the back of the barn under a rickety looking roof there was what seemed to be a smithy.
an absolutely massive furnace roared as the two boys, covered in leather aprons and gloves hammered away fixing broken tools.
Katsukis throat went dry as be felt the heat from the fire, it overpowered the already unrelenting wrath of the sun. "Tetsutetsu! Eijirou! I've got someone who wants to meet ya'."
there he went again, with his hands in his pockets. Katsuki snered. the two farm boys paused, both of them dropping their projects into water buckets. "We hey there Mr. Pastor Bakugou Sir, I wasn't sure i heard the Deputy here right when he told
us you wanted to meet us. the Mrs. got a jug of ice cold tea waiting for ya' up at the house."
Tetsutetsu immediately jumping forward to shake the pastors hand. Eijirou following after greeting Izuku but giving Katsuki a watchful eye. "That sounds great. I hope I didn't disturb your work."
"Someone's gotta make the chains." Eijirou grumbled, crossing his arms.

Katsuki turned towards him. "The lord blesses those who work hard for what they need."

Eijirou snorted in reply, leading the group to the farm house. Tetsutetsu walking with the two guests. they
entered the cool farm house and Mina was pulling a pie out of the oven in a very rehearsed looked act. "Why! Pastor Katsuki, what a nice suprise."
Tetsutetsu gave her an odd look as he moved past her to get to the sweet tea, but was hit by a spoon. "That sweet tea aint for you! You should be drinking water after the mess you been makin for me!" and her smile returned immediately after scolding her husband.
"a sweet tea would be awesome thank you." Katsuki couldn't tear his eyes away from the red head. the two burly men chatting in the kitchen behind Mrs.Tetsutetsu, both of them holding dripping glasses of tea. The farmers wife served them happily.
"Now what can I do for yall." She asked happily.

"well Ma'am I like to try and get around to the people im preachin' to ya know. really introduce myself and see if I can do something for any of yall while I'm here."

"well... i don't know what to say..." Mina fanned herself.
"Aint you suppose' to already know that shit?" Eijirou snapped. "If yall got the healin' touch an what not."

"The lord may find himself inclined to heal the meek through my hands, yes, but I am not omnipotent."
"yeah well I aint knowin what impotent means but you can keep yer' hands off my family. you hear, Preacher Man." Eijirou stood in the center of the kitchen like a one man army ready to drive Katsuki away.

"Eijirou!" Mina snapped.
Eijirou glared at his cousin in law and throwing an empty glass into the sink so hard it shattered, he stomped back out side and disappeared into a not far off field of corn. Tetsutetsu followed after but gave up when Eijirou disappeared. Mina huffed and stood to clean up the
mess, Izuku ran over to help while Katsuki followed after his prize.

"I'm real sorry bout him, Mr.Pastor Bakugou. He ain't normally like that. he just gets real upset sometimes 'bout this kind of stuff." Katsuki stepped along side Tetsutetsu and the farmer groaned.
"Will he be okay out there."

"yeah, dramatic thing. he's up in the water tower. see 'im now." Tetsutetsu pointed to the silhouette climbing up thr wooded ladder and disappearing behind the massive barrel. Tetsutetsu shrugged turning away. "your welcome to go after
him, just dont get lost in the corn, or we aint gonna find you till were pickin' you outa the harvester."

Katsuki rolled his eyes and pushed himself into the stalks. fighting his way to the water tower and hawling himself up the ladder to the platform above. "Hey there... mind
if i join you?"

Eijirous eyes snapped over to Katsukis so fast it was almost audible. "don't you know when you aint welcome?"

Katuski pulled himself up and but he stayed sat with his feet on the top rung of the ladder. "You don't like me much."
"Fuckin' guessed that right." Eijirou grunted, glaring off into the distance.

"Listen..." Katsuki actually felt his facade melting away a little. he wanted to win over Eijirou. "...whats your deal. cause id like to know."
Eijirou actually raised a brow interest for a moment. "My deal is ive seen your kind before and I aint interested. you sell your shit to people lookin for hope and all you give em is lies. That aint somethin' a man does."
"I sell what people ask me to sell and that's it." Katsuki snorted. "trust me I'm as real as they come. come to my public sermon, you'll see. It'll blow your damn mind."
Eijirou spit off the side of the platform. he didnt like the look of the handsome pastor. he was fake from his too blonde hair to his designer boots. boots Eijirou would have to work hard to earn and here this pastor was, claiming to be a Saint and yet he's stomping through
the mud in designer Stetsons. He wasnt going to loose more family to this bullshit. hed go to the show but he wasnt going to let his family fall for his tricks.


Katsuki had to leave the farm shortly after his awkward interaction with Eijirou. the farmer had remained
talkative but bad tempered the entire time and Katsuki left not knowing where he stood with the young farmer. he formally invited the family to his sermon and promised them reserved seats. he had popped into the restroom and met a familiar face, a framed poster for his show
hanging by the toilet. he poped open the frame and quickly autographed it before putting it back.

he had an appointment to get to.
Katsuki was having the first of his more private meetings tonight, a man named Denki Kaminari who had paid top dollar for his time. it had been too long since the last town and Katsukis skin was itching im anticipation. he sat in his formal wear along the long sofa in his
trailer as he waited.

there was a knock on the door but he didnt respond. his crew new he was waiting. he sat still as the door opened and in nervously walked a nervous blond man. he moved slowly and the walk up the steps seemed to exhaust him.
he was thin and pail and was completely opposite from all of the other rugged men this town seemed populated by. there was a oxygen tube wrapped around his face and sat snug under his nose.
"Pastor Bakugou?" Denki crept in and the doors were closed behind him. the trailer lights were dim and the air smelt if cinnamon.

"Come sit, don't be shy." Katsuki gestured to a low set exam table covered in a rust covered blanket. "lets talk."
"thank you for... thank you for seeing me... pastor." Denki heeved. his breath labored from just speaking. "im... im Denki Kaminari...:

Katsuki nodded. again urging the man to sit, he hated being teased. "sit and we will begin."
Denki was panting by the time he was properly sat on the table. Katsuki stood and shook his hands, loosening the digits and rolling his neck as he prowler around Denki. "im going to lay my hands on you, please do not speak..."
Katsukis hands fell onto Denkis sweaty neck, and Katsuki closed his eyes concentrating. he focused on Denkis breathing... he tried to mimic it, he tried to feel the mans pulse, he tried to feel the muscles moving below the skin. "What happened to your heart, son..."
"electrocution... when i was little..." Denkis eyes were closed, Katsukis hands were hot and they soothed the ache in his body. calm rolled down over his body like hot chocolate and it was like he was able to breathe again.
"I see..." Katsuki removed his hands from Denki and he took the oxygen with him. Denki gasped the second he was released.


"Katsuki. none of that Pastor nonsense." Katsuki unbuttoned another button in his already ow hanging shirt collar.
"Katsuki... can you heal me?" Denki had jumped at his chance the second he had heard Pastor Bakugou would be there. some of his friends were wary and had told him to be careful but he didnt care. he was alone. the money he had
was being wasted, but he would be dead before it was spent. he had given every cent he had to Katsuki i hope that he may one day draw breath freely.
"I can heal you." Katsuki was infront of him. " remove your shirt, lay down."

Denki obeyed, the thick cinnamon on the air was growing over powering and he was starting to feel himself slip away. his eyes would move but the world was lagging behind, he was hearing but it took
time for him to register was Katsuki was saying. Denki lay his back down against the soft blanket. laying on his back usually made it hard to breath but as Katsukis hands ran the tips of their fingers over his torso his heart beat with a strength it had never had before.
"Do you want to be healed!"


"Do you believe that the power of the lord!"


"Do you believe in the healing power if my hands!" Katsuki jumped up onto the table, straddling Kaminaris hips, his groin pressing down against Kaminaris erection. the sickly man gasped
and cried, having never been touched or even aroused in anyway before and suddenly this holy man was on top of him and... he was aroused too?

"oh God yes!!!"

"What would you give my son... WHAT WOULD YOU GIVE TO BREATHE DEEP THE LORDS AIR!"
"anything! anything! please just heal me..."

Katsuki dropped down over Denki. one hand over his heart, the other of the pastors arms curled around denkis head caving them in. his lips were centimeters from Denkis, so close Denki could taste Katsukis hot breath, the spicy
cinnimon on his tongue. the man above him whispered to him... so quietly... so gently...

"Denki... Would you give me your soul? to have your heart back? a life time of health and happiness... "

Denkis eyes left their locked place on Katsukis lips and met the pastors eyes.
he spoke so gently he was hardly aware that he spoke at all. like Katsuki was coaxing the words from his mouth...


Katsukis lips fell and pressed against Denkis in a soft kiss. and as he pulled away the softest light slipped through the space between them
and then disappeared into Katsuki.

Denki took a deep breath of cool fresh air for the first time in his life.

above him Katsukis eyes growed red, the demon finally having been fed.
Beginning of thread

Eijirou and his cousin sat at the breastfast table before the sun even rose. Mina was still sleeping, the baby had kept her up all night apparently, Tetsutetsu had slept well though and happily shoveled food into his mouth. they always
rose before the sun to get a good start on the days work but today they were up a little bit earlier than normal. they had plans for later that day. they were going to the first of Katsuki Bakugous live shows and it was turning into the event if the
year for the small family. Mina had even bought a new dress to wear.

Eijirou picked up an entire fried egg and slurped it into his mouth, the yolk popping and filling his mouth. Tetsutetsu laughed doing the same thing, yolk running down both their
chins they cleaned their faces with bread. the two farm boys never left a scrap of food to waste.
"You hear 'bout Kaminari? Got himself in with Mister Minister Bakugou and got his heart all fixxed up!" Tetsutetsu spoke through several strips of bacon. "Aint that cool. not gonna be able to pick on ol' zappy no more."
"that wasn't me pickin on him it was you." Eijirou finished off his hashbrowns. "And ill bet you that Preacher man has gotten him on some snake oil juice thats makin him think he's healed up. just you wait, in a week or who he will be weezing down Main Street."
"Yeh well I aint gonna be doing it anymore now aint I?" Tetsutetsu poured more sugar into his coffee. "you should see if he'd fix that leg of yours. you can stop limpin' round my barn like an old goat."

"My legs fine! and I dont limp!" Eijirou finished his breakfast, "we
gonna get moving or are ya waiting to get older? your already gray as grandma, whats the next step?"
"death bro. sweet sweet death." Tetsutetsu grinned as he cleared the table and dumped the plates in the sink for Mina to clean. the boys pulled on their boots and headed out to the barn to feed the animals and get a start on their day.
and in Eijirous opinion it went to fast. it was hardly past noon before Mina was marching Tetsutetsu indoors and shooing Eijirou away to his barn side room and forcing them to bathe, shave, and dress.
"I been to church in my jeans why this one special." Eijirou grumbled. Mina hit him on the head with a wooden spoon and told him to fix his collar.

it was around 5 when the family finally perfumed, combed, and squashed into their finest clothes piled into the family truck
(Eijirou still sitting in the bed) and pulled onto the road leading to the huge lot that now heald the Great Pastor Katsuki Bakugous church. Mina heald onto the tickets in her purse, as she lectured Tetsutetsu and Eijirou on how to mind their manners and to not embarrass her
infront if the minister, again.

the boys made no promises.

they pulled into the very busy lot. it was more like a fair. people in yellow vests and holding glow torches directed the cars on where to park, there was a ticket booth and turnstile set up, security benches
where people were already checking purses and packs moved along quickly, behind that even lines of games and food trucks handed out treats.

"This aint like no church ive ever been too..." Tetsutetsu grinned as he helped Mina out of the truck and offered her his arm.
"that cause it aint no church, T!" Eijirou crossed his arms. "Aint no way he gettin' all these people workin' and he ain't making a dime."

"What did I say about yall behavin' yall's selves." Mina snapped. turning in her heels to glare at Eijirou.
"Sorry, Mina..." Eijirou grunted. he could behave for one night. they deserved some fun and maybe he'd even get a nap in during whatever it was that that Bakugou guy called a sermon.
Getting through the gates was quite a fiasco, the boys having to remove their large metal belts that heald even larger buckles, and Tetsutetsu had made a bit of a scene when the metal detector kept going off every time he walked through it even though he swore he had removed
everything metal.

"Its probably your thick skull!" Eijirou laughed as put on his belt, watching Tetsutetsu get patted down. Mina was already giving up on her dream of a nice evening as she waited for the two man children to catch up with her.
Eijirou hated to admit it but he was having fun, if he ignored the massive posters and card board standees scattered around of the pastor, and the fact that most of the prizes at the booth were Katsuki Bakugou themed, it was like being at the fair. Tetsutetsu accepted a
prize, a ridiculously large stuffed plushy of Pastor Bakugou, and handed it to Mina who squeeled. Eijirou was half way through a 12 in polish chilli cheese dog and had no intention of stopping any time soon but the lights above them started flashing and apparently everyone
knew what they meant because they all cheered and started heading into the large tent.
Eijirou didnt know tents could hold stadiums but he would be the first to admit there were lots of things he didnt know. as he climbed the stairs to their nearly front row seats he looked around wide eyes. massive plasma screens showed slow motion and rather dramatically
edited video of Pastor Bakugou giving sermons. the video clips fadding in and out with images of flying doves or bright angelic light. over the speakers the most horrendous country twang was playing, Eijirou got enough of that crap already. Mina settled Pastor
Plushy on the floor near their legs and got out her compliment bible, hymm book, and tip book on how to achieve holiness. Tetsutetsu grinned, commenting Mina was plenty holy and definitely didn't need any extra. it earned him a slap.
Eijirou crossed his arms as he stared at the spot light on the stage. he didnt want to sit here and watch this asshole for an hour. it was bad enough the guy had come to his house. at least they hadn't had to pay for the tickets...
the entire arena went dark and thr crowd got louder as the show began. it started with music and singing, lots of singing. and then there he was, out of a stage opening that had several fog machines going and orange light shining through. Pastor Bakugou came
running out in a headset microphone running along his jaw line and a fancy dark blue suit probably worth more then the family truck.

"IS EVERYONE HAVING A GOOD TIME!!" Pastor Bakugous sermons were exactly the same as Pastor Enjis sermons in Eijirous opinion.
sure Pastor Bakugou was more flashy and loud and bright, and there was singing from a huge choir and even a lazer show while all Pastor Enji had were threats of fire and brimstone and a rather sharp switch Eijirou remembered from Sunday school.
Eijirou couldnt help but get sucked in though, Pastor Bakugou had charisma, he was energetic and aggressive and entertaining. He lead prayer after prayer, he pulled people on stage and contacted their deceased loved ones, some woman in the front row burst into years,
another fell over as the holy spirit moved through her. Eijirou wasn't so sure about that last one and rolled his eyes so hard he couldn't feel his facial muscles strain.

"And then... the lord reached out to me, and you know what he said, he said, Katsuki Bakugou! My son! you
go out, you go forth and you use those hands to heal. you heal all those sinners out there, you heal all those holy souls to. there shall be no more pain to anyone who comes to church every Sunday morn'!" Pastor Bakugou threw himself
around the stage. "and now my healing hands, I offer to you, who here has an injury, why here is worthy- "
the croud went wild, everyone trying to get the apparent faith healers hands on their wounds. Eijirou shoved his hands in his jacket. as Mina, as pregnant as she was, jumped up and down. Pastor Bakugou froze, his head rolling"- Lord? Lord you are speaking to me
now? Oh Lord! are you sure- You!" he pointed onto the crowd and all necks snapped to the side so quickly it was audible. He was pointing to a family near the front of the crowd, chears and screams erupted as who ever had been chosen family broke out into a frenzy. out from the
chaos a wheel chair rolled onto the stage up a VERY confidently placed ramp.

the man was Tensei Iida, hed been paralized from the hips down for nearly a decade now after hed been attacked by some punk gang a few town over. the guy had been a paramedic at the time trying to save
someone's life. Eijirou didnt know thr guy personally but he had grown up with Iida and had heard the story while in school. He cringed as Tensei was pushing up on the stage by his brother, a stage hand jumped in and took him the rest of the way.
Tensei looked ecstatic. grinning into the cameras and waving at his family. The stage hand took him to Pastor Bakugou and the crowd went silent. The Pastor lifted the mic away from his face but he was speaking to Tensei, and smiling. then he was moving around the
wheelchair and running his hands over the paralized man. he stood behind the chair, and rested his hands on Tenseis shoulders. Pastor Bakugous voice boomed over the crowds once again.
"I need everyone to join hands, and he will walk again." Eijirou didnt believe this shit for a second but he didnt want to seems like he didnt want tenseis legs to work either to he too Tetsutetsus hand, as well as the strangers next to him, and on
instinct closed his eyes. but let one creek open.

the crowds were being filmed right now, their imaged projected on the large screens. every person, with grasped hands, closed eyes and bowed heads. Eijirou was the only one in defiance.
Pastor Bakugou was knelt infront of Tensei with his eyes closed and his hands resting on Tenseis atrophied legs. "Stand."

Tensei struggled but didn't move.


more uncomfortable struggling from Tensei, Pastor Bakugou backed away.

and slowly. so slowly, one of Tenseis legs moved. the foot inched off the wheel chair and fell to the floor followed by another one. he was bracing his strong arms on the sides of the chair and pushing with all his might.
"open your eyes.... and you will see a miracle." Eijirou recognized it as the tag line that went along with all of the merchandise from Pastor Bakugou. It was even printed in the sides of the tent but now his eyes
were wider than they had ever been as he watched Tensei take a shake step and then another.
the crowd was in shock, silence broken by a cry from Tenseis mother, his brother and father charging the stage and catching Tenseis arms as he stumbled along towards Pastor Bakugou. Tensei collapsed the second they touched him but it had been enough. Pastor
Bakugou stood away from Tensei and his family, bathed in light a halo around his head.

Eijirou sneered, confused and shocked by what he had seen. there had been none of what he had expected, no speaking in tongues or epileptic seizures from super fans,
and no body reading tricks. Pastor Bakugou looked out into the crowd as they went wild, thanking God for what they had witnessed. Tensei would walk free with his soul intact. Katsuki found throwing out a few samples only made the rest of the town so much hungrier.
and soon they would be coming to him for more than broken bones and broken hearts. there were souls to be traded for meer pennies. he licked his lips as he caught sight of the farmer boys he had met. the grumpy one, Eijirou Kirishima, was glaring straight at him.Eijirou
returned his gaze, their eyes locking. Eijirou sat in the darkend crowds, hidden behind a wall of light, if it wasn't for the bright red of his hair he would be indistinguishable from the rest of the crowd. he would see him later, he had made sure their seats would be chosen
the 'random' prize drawing. Katsuki would have his prize.
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