Maradona 1986/87 and Ronaldo 19/20 (Serie A) - Who carried the load more and who had the better conditions to win?
Maradona’s Serie A title victory in 1986/87 is said to have been one of the all time great campaigns, as it was the final year of a 3 year revolution in Napoli, resulting in a title. From 11th place to 1st in 3 years.
Ronaldo’s 19/20 Serie A season is currently pedalled as “a free title, they won 7 before him” and the “Dybala MVP” season. By the narrative surrounding both of these campaigns, it is laughable that I even compare the two and the factors which our heroes didn’t have influence on.
Napoli 86/87 conceded 21 goals in 30 games. An extremely solid backline, conceding 0.7 goals per game, having conceded 1.27 the season before Maradona.

Juve 19/20 conceded 43 goals. The most in a decade, at 1.13 per game.

Clearly Maradona has a superior defence.
Maradona led the way with 10 goals, with Andrea Carnavale scoring 8, and Bruno Giordano scoring 5. Maradona led the way in match winning goals with 6, with Giordano scoring 4. Carnevale scored all 3 goals in the last 3 games, giving them the title.
It is to be noted that I am judging the forwards playing with Diego as he was primarily a #10. It is also to be noted that players and teams did not score as much back then (1.93 goals per game vs 3.04 per game this era.
If we were to extrapolate to today’s data, Carnavale’s 8 goals is the equivalent of 16 goals in the modern Serie A, and Giordano’s 5 goals is the equivalent of around 10 goals.
Ronaldo - 31 goals, 12 match winners.
Paulo Dybala - 11 goals, 6 assists, 3 match winners.
Gonzalo Higuain - 8 goals, 2 match winners.
Pjanic - 3 match winners

Paulo Dybala was an effective number 2, providing 17 contributions.
It is clear to see that Maradona did have considerable help from his attacking teammates, with Giordano scoring 4 match winners (the league highest was 6). Dybala was also a great partner for Ronaldo providing goals and assists. Did Maradona have the edge?
In the 1980s, Serie A had more parity between the top teams and the bottom teams (if we extrapolate, Napoli (72 points) would finish 12 points ahead of sixth placed Sampdoria (60 points). However we should also take a look at title rivals.
TOP 4 (by today’s standards)
1) Napoli - 72
2) Juventus - 67
3) Inter - 67
4) Verona - 60

The gap between 1st and 3rd was only 5 points by modern standards. A close race.
1) Juventus - 83
2) Inter - 82
3) Atalanta - 78
4) Lazio - 78

5 points seperate 1st and 4th, with only 1 point separating 1st and 2nd. There were 4 teams who could’ve won this title.
Napoli did play in a tougher era of Serie A, as the mid table teams were more competitive. However, the title contenders weren’t as competitive as in 19/20. I would call this even.
MANAGER - In 1985, Napoli appointed legendary manager Ottavio Bianchi. Their defensive performance improved dramatically, conceding 29 goals (84/85) to just 21 in the following 2 seasons. He would go on to win European Coach of the year at Napoli.
MANAGER - In 2019, Juventus appointed Maurizio Sarri. Sarri has already been sacked, after a horrendous showing in the UCL, and with no real play style being present after a season. He led Juventus to their worst defensive record in almost a decade. 💨

I think that 86/87 Napoli edges this one.
The romantic narrative that Maradona singlehandedly carried Napoli in 86/87 is not true, as is the narrative that Ronaldo had a “free title”.
Napoli had:
A better manager ✅
A stronger defence ✅
Played in a more competitive league overall (stronger mid-table) ✅

Juventus had:
Stronger title competitors ✅

They were even in:
Attacking threat outside of their superstars ✅
It could be argued that Maradona and Napoli had superior conditions to win in 1986/87 than Cristiano and Juventus had in 2019/20, and vice versa.

However, I’ll let you form your own conclusions.
Would appreciate if a few bigger accounts could look at this. @Dag7i @TheRonaldoZone @totalcristiano @CristianoRole @FutbolMuu @CRFutbol_ @TeamCRonaldo @CristianoStyle7.
Replies and quotes to this thread are telling. They consist of insults, “they won it 7 times before Ronaldo” and not many counter-arguments.

Extremely childish behaviour when presented with the hard facts and truth.
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