a thread of carrds to educate yourselves about lesbianism and related things—
please keep an open mind, even if you don't understand something don't automatically assume it's invalid or wrong. you can dm me to explain it better to you. just be accepting.
take your time, don't stress and it's okay not to label yourself at all. you can read these to educate yourself on our experiences too. https://maybeimalesbian.carrd.co/ 
comphet is super hard to deal with and dismantle but you're still a lesbian no matter how bad you experience it and how you cope. https://comphets.carrd.co/ 
as mentioned here— the slur is targeted to people who have lack of attraction to men + attraction to women. i've looked through sources and the slur is associated with lesbianism only. https://dontsaydyke.carrd.co/#carrds 
lesbians who use pronouns other than she/her are valid. pronouns don't always equal gender. also, non binary woman-aligned or non-aligned people can identify as lesbian https://hesbian.carrd.co 
bi/pan lesbians invalidate bisexuals, pansexuals and lesbians. lesbian isn't an umbrella term. just say sapphic instead— it's a term for bi, pan and lesbian people who are attracted to women regardless of their attraction to men. while lesbians aren't ++ https://justsaidsapphic.carrd.co 
go through this carrd which is basically a compilation of all resources related to the lgbtq+ community. if you want me to add anything to this thread or change anything, dm me or send me a cc https://lgbtqinfo.carrd.co 
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