🧵 I want to make something clear. I study disability, particularly in academia, because my success in college and higher education depends on it. Just because I have a disability doesn't mean I have to go into disability studies. I went to college to study neuroscience.
Because I have a disability, doesn't mean that we cannot be successful in any other field. And it doesn't mean that I can only study disability. Please stop pushing me to go into disability studies because of my disability.
I work and study towards disability and diversity inclusion methods - both for my own self-advocacy and for the many that are struggling - but that does not mean its my job to just do that. Just because I love seeing the vast amount of talent within the disabled community...
that is underrepresented, doesn't mean I cannot be what I also want to be.
Disabled individuals can do whatever they have a passion for and set their minds on.

But, it is not my job to fix the disability issues in academia or the world. That falls on everyone.
This has nothing to do with the field of disability studies and the scholars in it. The disability studies scholars do amazing work and are amazing individuals.
I just wanted to make it clear that my disability doesn't automatically mean the only academic field for me is disability studies.
Oh, and shoving disabled individuals in one field or one set of fields does nothing really for the diversity elsewhere. Disabled individuals should be well-represented in every field.
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