There’s 5 entry points to manipulate US voting machines. 1) CPU “brain” memory chip. The chip in US machines are from China - low-level machine coded there. TX, FL, WI, GA & NC machines (same as in 35 states 5 territories) had malware embedded. Machines pulled fixed. 1/x
2/x 2) All machines run contract vender voting application. Coding to flip votes are malicious code lines (typically launched as it boots for each voter OR as polling official pulls reset stick from side of machine). This was rampant on many new digital machines in many states.
3/x 3) All machines since 1993 have a serial port access for running “repair programs in the back of the machine & new digital machines have multiple USB ports for memory sticks. Hackers w physical machine access can take over “root” administration of the voting machine.
4/x 4) All machines have an EPROM connected to a digital recorder that gives machine error codes (like on a copy machine) to help a repair tech fix faulty machines. Since 2000 those prom chips & recorded are attached to a modem so machines can be accessed remotely via Internet.
5/x 5) Since 2012 the modem has. been enhanced to access all digital brains of the new machines & a new digital recorder (which also is hackable) has been added to capture vote tallies in real time & update Election Commission, poll judges, political parties & eventually MSM. ...
6/6 That last one has been manipulated in WI so info is faulty on Internet real-time readouts.
7/ So, a hacker can access a voting machine if they have the machine code malware of the China chip. They can access it if they can access the malicious flipping code in some of the voting application. They can access the root control by serial plug in, by USB, or by WiFi. ...
8/ ... or, a hacker can access remotely via Internet/radio/modem & still be able to do everything mentioned as hacks on the voting machines. END
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