#KamlaHarris till Very recently was quite hypocritical about India & issues around India

The sudden subtle shift to remind Indians of her heritage is :

A politician Trying to woo 5% of electorate to help her politically

As always a factual reality Check by @palkisu https://twitter.com/avarakai/status/1293749069353869313
A person's past is an indication to future conduct

Nothing in @KamalaHarris's past gives confidence that She will be balanced & equihanded in addressing issues on subcontinent

@TheDemocrats in US going Labour in UK way âť“

Actions speak louder & will be watched

Via: @WIONews
For those looking for further information

This thread is quite a compilation https://twitter.com/AbhinavAgarwal/status/1293472205137776644?s=19
This completes the picture

No mention of Indian heritage https://twitter.com/mayaharris_/status/1293280803728891911?s=19
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