Fuuuuuuuccckk yyyooouuuuu, buddy. We are absolutely not doing this shit again.

And fuck you too, @Newsweek, for publishing this racist horse shit.
Nooooooope. Nope. No. Just fucking no.

Every word of this birther-light, racist garbage should be wrapped in a bow and shoved directly up @DrJohnEastman's ass.
It will not surprise you to find out that John Eastman is a piece of shit bigot more generally.
I am admittedly very interested in how your previous handle, which you swapped out for your current one to keep your Twitter history, got suspended, @DrJohnEastman....
Lest anyone think that @DrJohnEastman just has a different opinion on birthright citizenship, I invite you to peruse the things he's written & spoken about.

He clearly has a deep disdain for people who are not white and furiously supports doing as much as possible to hurt them.
Even @DrJohnEastman's likes prove his racism. He liked this article, which more or less justifies birtherism, claims the term birtherism is unfair, & supports the racist astroturfed garbage about Kamala Harris' blackness, pushed by noted liar, loser, & conspiracy theorist, @Ali.
Caroline, @RVAwonk, noticed the inorganic & obviously coordinated attack that Ali initiated during the Democratic primary last year.

Rest assured, if someone is cheering this nonsense on, they're an idiot or a disinformation peddler (perhaps both). https://twitter.com/RVAwonk/status/1144451342238408704?s=20
Sorry, all this digging wasn't even *really* necessary!

@DrJohnEastman isn't even subtle about his racism.

Straight up retweeting and boosting white nationalist trash, hailing the "heritage" of the United States, which is the foundational racism it was built on.
Not hard to crack this one, seeing as how @DrJohnEastman's favorite show to appear on is one of the most explicitly racist shows on television.....
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