Why I am voting #BidenHarris2020 : a thread

1) I pay ~$2000/mo for my health ins. I take 11 medications daily; they do a lot -like keep my heart going, my tumor markers low, my pain & anxiety in check... My ins. pays for 1. The rest they determined aren’t nec & cost me ~$500/mo
2) I have never (luckily!) been w/out ins & yet I have filed bankruptcy multiple times bec my OOP was nearing a half a million $. I will continue to do so for my entire life since our nation doesn’t value life except in the womb.
TW- Suicide.

3) Today I needed to fill 3 prescriptions. I had to choose what 1 was the most important bec I couldn’t afford all 3. It’s choosing between keeping my heart going, keeping my cancer at bay, & commuting suicide over pain/anxiety. How do you make that choice!?
4) I met the “lifetime expenditure” when I was 14 & diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma- the fastest growing human tumor there is. It doubled in size every 8hrs. My son med his limit when he was born at 31 wks. If ppl had their way, even if we paid, we wouldn’t be covered any more.
There are so many more reasons but these stand out for me. Having universal healthcare should be a human right. The right to life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness should inc medical care. If your guns are god given rights...
I say all of this to say that #M4A &/or a #universalhealthcaresystem is MASSIVELY important to me & that means Biden isn’t my perfect candidate. It’s one of many reasons. However- I am not voting for one reason. I’m voting for many.
I’m voting for the children ripped from the arms of their parents at our border.

I’m voting for the 165,000 people who have lost their lives to #COVID19, and their families & friends.
I’m voting for the citizens who expressed their 1st amendment rights and faced federal terrorists emboldened by current leaders; who were gassed and shot at by those who are supposed to protect them.
I’m voting for Black, Brown, & Indigenous citizens that current & past leadership have & continue to actively & repeatedly illegally try to suppress and kill.
I’m voting because Black Lives Matter.

I’m voting for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson, Aura Rosser, Stephon Clark, Botham Jean, Phillando Castille, Alton Sterling, Michelle Cusseaux, Freddie Gray, Janisha Fonville, Eric Garner, Akai Gurley.
I’m voting for Gabriella Nevarez, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Tanisha Anderson, Elijah McClain, and the rest of the 6557 citizens killed by police officers between 2014 and now, of which ~25% are BlPOC despite their being only ~13% of the population.
I’m voting for the American government and our system of checks and balances that has been systematically dismantled & disregarded by current leadership.
I’m voting for the many many citizens harmed by the current administration’s pandering and support of white supremacy and its ideals. I’m voting because there are not two sides. I’m voting for reparations.
I’m voting for the 25 women the current POTUS has sexually assaulted &/or raped. I’m voting because misogyny, racism, bigotry don’t belong in our govt.
I’m voting for the tens of thousands of Americans killed by gun violence every year, the 365 citizens killed in school shootings in the last 10 yrs, bec weak gun laws & unfettered access to firearms have made it far too easy for ppl to take their own lives & the lives of others.
I’m voting to protect the validity and ability of the Supreme Court to neutrally, equally, & accurately support & enforce the laws of this nation.
I’m voting for the future of our planet. I’m voting for the future my son will live in.
I’m not just voting for myself. This isn’t a “both sides” situation. It’s a literal life and death one for many MANY citizens and I am voting for them.
Obviously this is an incomplete list in multiple ways... but it’s a start and it’s why my decision to vote #BidenHarris2020 isn’t about me. It’s about US.
Ava Duvernay said it better (of course). If you won’t listen to me, perhaps you will listen to her, to others voting for more than themselves.
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