2/4 What conditions must districts meet to go all-remote? Well, to open, they have to certify they meet 40 conditions (below). If a district says it can’t meet one or more item on the list, it can ask the state to begin the year with all-remote learning. https://www.nj.gov/education/reopening/DOE_HealthandSafety.pdf
3/4 Districts must also have a plan to fix the issue & a timeframe to reopen at least partially. But some districts’ issue is lack of teachers. The @NJEA has called for all remote learning & ~400 opted out in #Elizabeth alone. Not sure how you plan to fix something like that.
4/4 A handful of districts have now weighed in. Some, like E Brunswick, are still reopening. Others, that were doing it reluctantly and worried about safety, say they’ll switch to all-remote. Which is likely what also would’ve happened if they’d simply been given the choice.
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