I hate that I sound bitter every time I talk about Lovelyz on here...but I still can't help but think of all the wasted opportunities
Like Lovelyz had a great concept going...timeless, elegant, kinda mysterious? I'm not sure if anyone else ever got this from them but a lot of their songs had a creepy vibe, not in a bloody horror way but more haunting
Songs like Doll, Getaway, Joyland...remember that scream in How to Be a Pretty Girl? Even Wag-Zak had those kind of subtle cute & creepy lyrics
When That Day came out and it was obvious Lovelyz wasn't going back to OnePiece, I thought that Lovelyz was going under a concept change to a more relatable "college girls next door" one
That kinda doesn't make sense, but I really think they could have been successful with it if they kept it up...people love girl groups that feel normal and casual, you know, like actual friends you'd have
I'm not sure if any girl group has that vibe tbh; of course, idols will always seem untouchable. But in a way, I really think Lovelyz would suit it
They're sweet and friendly, they have relatable songs with touching lyrics, and they've always been known for their pretty styling
Much as I love it, I think their earlier concept hurt them...or rather Woollim's execution of it. Remember Mijoo being given a more subdued image by the company? I think Infinite went through this too
Anyways, it's no use speculating about this further because Lovelyz are now known for their sad break-up songs
Any Lovelinus will admit, of course, that Lovelyz's songs are usually melancholic, wistful, nostalgic, etc. etc. And don't get me wrong, I love all their sad songs. But...Beautiful Days
Now Lovelyz are changing their concept to I'm guessing a darker one...I have to admit I'm a little sad. I'm hoping they'll at least return to their old composers but I support them no matter what
The timing is horrible too; so many people are now expressing nostalgia for Lovelyz's old sound, or more broadly, innocent concepts(?) Like April's old sound or Gfriend's
Again, I'll support Lovelyz in whatever they do...just bemoaning the inevitable concept change that happens halfway through a group's career
Not sure why I made this thread and really not sure what I'm saying tbh
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