Let me tell you about when we took on Mike Pence in Indiana. He had just signed a "Religious Freedom" law that made it legal for establishments to discriminate against serving LGBTQs based on the sincere religious beliefs of the proprietors. / 1
Pence did it with the full backing of religious bigots who had worked hard to help get him to the governor's office. Business leaders didn't like the law. It made Indiana look backward, and it give bigotry the gloss of official sanction. So we started #BoycottIndiana. / 2
We got it trending on social media. And it worked. Big companies threatened to pull out of Indiana. Other states condemned the law. Mike Pence began back-pedaling, to the dismay of his conservative religious allies. In the end, he was forced to "qualify" the law. / 3
The qualification made clear that nothing in the law was intended to permit discrimination against LGBTQs. His allies were pissed, and Pence was humiliated. He had been intending to run for president, and he backed down from that challenge given his damaged standing. / 4
Mike Pence wilts in the face of concerted opposition and pressure. That was what we learned in #BoycottIndiana. He has no backbone. It's why he's just a smarmy tool for Trump. And it's why Kamala Harris will eat him for lunch. / end
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