self love is a constant choice. it’s not a magical feeling that appears to you one day. it’s a commitment to your boundaries, your well being, your mental & emotional health, and your body. listen to your body, it will teach you how to love yourself.
are you connected to your body? how many times do you eat certain foods that give your body a negative reaction because you think it tastes good? how many times do you push yourself when you’re tired or drained? how many emotions are you taking on from others that aren’t yours?
how many times has something/someone made you feel anxious & you didn’t take the space you needed? how many times have you been too strict with yourself instead of allowing yourself to be flexible with your discipline? how many times have you given all your time and energy away?
self love is a choice. it’s especially difficult to recognize these patterns if you’re addicted and normalized to feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. trauma does that to you. it makes you live in the energy of your pain body instead of living in your actual physical body
self love is not impossible for anyone. no matter what your present & past traumas are. it’s choosing yourself every single day. it’s a commitment to your mind, body, and spirit. it takes time to learn how to honour your unique body and boundaries. listen to your body’s reactions
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