So I'm trying to put together a #Kpop4ClimateCrisis event on the 4th of September. I've recently become aware of how quickly we need to change the world to fight climate change. 🌻
The planet needs your help!
All you need to do to help, is do three simple steps
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🌳1.) Tweet on the 4th of September
🌳2.) Include the hashtag #Kpop4ClimateCrisis
🌳3.) Make a commitment to do something eco friendly, and dedicate it to your bias/the group you stan/the solo artist you love💚

This commitment could be 🌷anything🌷 - (examples in next tweet)
🌱Switching from buying disposable bottled water to using a sturdy reusable bottle

🌱Using a safety razor instead of a plastic disposable one (if you shave).

🌱Buying a bar of soap instead of a plastic pump bottle of soap
🌱Challenging yourself not to buy fast fashion for a couple of months and swapping over to cool vintage clothes or great value second hand finds. You may find you don't want to go back to it!

🌱Or something more difficult like not buying any new makeup, using up what you have,
...and then replacing plastic makeup items with sustainable brands who store their stuff in bamboo, metal or glass (if you wear makeup of course).
🌸I'm sure there's a million other things that you could commit to doing for your idol and the environment, those were just examples!🌸

If you'd like to link a Climate Change charity, or a related petition that would be amazing too!
One Climate Crisis organisation I've fallen in love with is is (I'm in no way affiliated I just love them)
They're growing seaweed because it sucks in CO2, can be eaten, makes homes for fish AND helps fight ocean acidification
💚If you've read this far thank you so so much!💚

🟩Please be there on the 4th of September and use the hashtag #Kpop4ClimateCrisis

🟩Please pledge to make an eco change to fight the Climate Crisis

🟩And of course... ❤️dedicate it with love to your idol❤️
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