I really, really can’t stand this about Japan. And it’s just accepted by most, like it’s normal 🤮 https://twitter.com/unseenjapansite/status/1293678400863744000
Okay, “I think” then — now perhaps direct your attention to the actual issue?
https://twitter.com/teppeikasai/status/1293697813570662400?s=21 https://twitter.com/teppeikasai/status/1293697813570662400
It is *not* an Orientalist myth. I was molested many times as a elementary/middle schooler bc of this sexualized culture, as were many of my friends. These images were, are all around us. It has *not* gotten better.
https://twitter.com/teppeikasai/status/1293696300341325827?s=21 https://twitter.com/teppeikasai/status/1293696300341325827
And most accepted it — even I accepted it — as the norm.
Also amazing that a *Human Rights Watch* officer would suggest a journalist should *be fired* for expressing disdain at the widespread acceptance of sexualizatuon of girls in Japan.
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