It was just a matter of time before someone questioned whether Kamala Harris is eligible because her parents are immigrants.

It's birtherism 2.0

Yes, she's eligible. She was born in Oakland.
The bogus argument starts with a question of whether she was a "natural born" citizen if her parents were not "naturalized." 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
People like this ignore the 14th Amendment⤵️

The original document ("natural born") was racist and permitted slavery.

We fought a thing called the Civil War.
The Confederates lost.
As a result, we got the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. . .
Even someone with, say, a third grade reading level can see that the 14th Amendment defines a citizen as someone born in the US ⤵️

Confederates and racists really really hate the Fourteenth Amendment and want to pretend that it doesn't exist . . .
As long as we're talking about stupid racist attacks on Kamala Harris, how about this one from @DineshDSouza ⤵️

First, the hoopla isn't that the female descendant of slaves can make it so far.

The hoopla is that a Black woman can get past all the barriers in her way NOW . . .
Second, enslaved women were routinely raped by slave owners thereby producing Black children "descended" from slave owners.

I know nothing at all about Kamala Harris's father, and I actually don't care unless we are going to examine the lineage of white men as well . . .
. . . How many white members of Congress have slave owner ancestors? Or is this only an issue with Black candidates? For that matter, how many white members of Congress have ancestors who raped enslaved women?
What's amazing is that Dinesh and his right-wing friends think that this line of attack will diminish Sen. Harris in the eyes of Democrats.

It makes us defend her more fiercely because it proves what a Black woman is up against when she moves into a position of power.
So you can tell I'm irritated?
I march through these arguments, not because I care what people like @DrJohnEastman or @DineshDSouza think, but because it's obvious this stuff will be pervasive on Facebook, and many of you will hear this nonsense from family members.
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