what i do when i have anxiety : a thread
i play this game called bounce that basically helps me manage my anxiety levels and it cools me down everytime i play it because the game takes a lot of my attention + just spent an hour playing it because i had anxiety episode
i listen to maia her vocals and her uke chords are really calming - especially cliché, makes me fall asleep everytime I listen to it https://open.spotify.com/artist/0HthCchcL0kVLHTr113Vk1?si=9zlwi-_GSKqU8M_7ckJTXQ
my therapist told me everytime a thought or an event overwhelms me and sends me into a panic mode and when i am calming down i get to picture (i am good w visuals) a safe room that i get to name - i call mine the closet and i decorate it the way i want - whatever fits my
comfort so my closet is surrounded by vintage book shelves and a beanbag and she asked me to safely pack my thoughts in boxes and place them in the almirah because that way i can revisit them when i calm down and i don't feel like i am abandoning them
my previous therapist asked me to remind myself to well, forgive myself because my body goes into an overdrive when i have anxiety attacks so i need to orally remind myself that i am forgiving myself so that i dont end up gaslighting myself later
i make edits for my friends because they take up my attention and help me return to normalcy
i fall asleep, because as khalid hosseini says, that's how children deal with terror, they fall asleep.
PS now this thread isn't what you should do when you have anxiety, please no, different things work for different people and i am in no position to guide you, this is just me coping, oh one more thing when i have anxiety, i make twitter threads.
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