I managed to break a toe & while I get fixed up, I see one of my haters has gone off the deep end & doxxed a federal law enforcement officer. Yeah, she blasted it all over Twitter.

Brilliant. You just put a bulls-eye on his back
#BackTheBlue #BlueLivesMatter #LivePDFans
No one knew what he did for a living until she doxxed him. And with the current climate of hatred towards LE right now? Her blatant malicious intent & wanton disregard for his safety might just get him hurt and/or killed. @/lauriebriggs11 is the acct.
Partial screen cap of her thread.

This is what cop-haters do.
Then this happened as a result of @/lauriebriggs11 publicly posting a dox on a federal LEO.

Cc @bigricanman

And just like clockwork, stolen valor shows up. Again, no one knew he was a federal LEO so how did Jason know he was and what exactly to look for on FB?

Sounds like someone was/is stalking a LEO for the purpose of a public dox.
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